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  • "Howling Commandoes only retire when they're damned good and ready."
  • Alex aka Phobos fighting equal ground with Gorgon, making all of his other skills useless, even his turned to stone sight. Becomes a Dying Moment of Awesome when he uses Kusanagi to cut through Gorgon's Godkiller and nearly win, only for Gorgon's superior strength and height to overpower him and beat him.
  • Doubles as a Heartwarming moment, but after the Howling Commandos declare Steve Rogers the titular 'One man' of his One Man speech', Rogers later privately repeats the speech and clarifies that he's not that man, Fury is.
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  • The end, where after he's captured by Kraken and comes face to face with Strucker, Fury reveals that Kraken, Strucker's oldest ally, has actually been a Double Agent all this time, and he's actually the real Jake Fury, having stolen Daniel Whitehall's armour and life years ago. When Strucker explains how he infiltrated SHIELD from the beginning, Fury reveals how he actually let him, and he's actually been the one in control this entire time (serving as a Call-Back to his previous claim to Daisy that this is how he'd play it). When Strucker tries to claim a final victory in that he at least took Fury's son from him, Fury just counters that he doesn't blame Strucker, but blames himself, for Mikel's death, meaning Strucker can't even claim responsibility for that. In the end, Fury asks Strucker if he has some final words...but then promptly cuts him off before he can start with a Boom, Headshot!. And, like that, we remember why this guy was in charge for so long.

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