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Awesome / Searching for My Master

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Once fights and actions come calling, Searching for My Master has a lot of awesome moments.

  • Guile deflects Ted's giant hammer with his brass rod. It breaks, but still. And the following scene is nothing short of awesome: Guile uses the pointy brass stake to gouge Ted's eye.
  • When Ted is about to crush Guile with his giant hammer, a tug-of-war happens. Guile catches the gigantic hammerhead with his bare hands and pushes it back, but there's a moment of struggle between them: Ted tries to press the hammerhead down, while Guile tries to push it back. It's worth noting that Ted is a hulking foe who wields a hammer that is as big as Guile himself, while Guile is just a Long-Haired Pretty Boy (with Heroic Build, but not overly muscular).
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  • Guile invoking Lodged-Blade Recycling. He deliberately lets Rai stab through his hand just so that he can get a weapon to turn the tide of the battle. His reaction to his Impaled Palm? He simply pulls the knife out and quickly stabs Rai. End of the battle.

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