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  • Audrey demonstrating her Waif-Fu skills by effortlessly flipping Will to the ground in their self defense class. Impressed, Noah starts a slow clap round of applause.
  • As far as season-long records go, Brooke certainly deserves credit for managing to encounter Ghostface three times, four if we count the Bound and Gagged scene in Episode 3, which was a trap set by the killer, and escaping him each time, only needing to be rescued the last time.
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  • Audrey's Big Damn Heroes moment in the season finale, where she kills Piper, likely just before The Reveal that Audrey was the killer's accomplice the whole time.
  • Emma, doing her best Sidney Prescott impersonation, quipping that "They always come back" when Piper attempts to rise from the lake.
  • Brooke delivering a "The Reason You Suck" Speech to the entire town for holding a carnival despite all the horrendous things that have happened up to that point.
  • In second season finale, Emma and Audrey turning the tables on Kieran after his killer reveal. There's a brief moment where Emma has Kieran on the ropes, and Audrey subdues him with a chain. The beautiful part is when Emma has the opportunity to kill Kieran, she instead lets him get arrested. This effectively makes Kieran the first Ghostface in the whole franchise to actually face justice.
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  • "Hello Kieran. Who told you you could wear my mask?"
  • "Looks like those Jiu-Jitsu lessons are finally starting to pay off." In the Halloween special, Jeremy had the "bright" idea of scaring the daylights out of the cast by running in while wearing a mask and carrying a pair of garden scissors. This was supposed to help Noah get over his writer's block. Emma, believing that Jeremy was yet another serial killer in a mask, reacted by knocking him to the ground and putting him in a hold.
  • Also from the Halloween special, Emma's monologue to Alex, the killer, which serves as the special's Moment of Awesome.
    Emma: I don't need to be saved! I'm Emma Duvall!


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