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Awesome / Scootaloo & the Cabinet of Seers

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  • Applebloom and Sweetie Holding the Floor for Scootaloo. Sweetie with an incredibly indepth report on Hearts And Hooves Day and Applebloom reciting the Heart's Warming Eve play. From memory. It doesn't quite work, but the sheer effort is definitely praise worthy.
  • While it's a low, despicable, rotten thing to do, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon deserve some credit for their scheme to humiliate Scootaloo, which included sabotaging the school bell to get Cheerilee out of the room.
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  • While she goes too far, and can count as Nightmare Fuel, Scootaloo giving Diamond some well deserved karma for the horrid thing she did arguably counts.
  • Cheerilee finally putting Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara in their place after finding out what's really going on.
  • Scootaloo managing to work her way into living on her own, right down to owning a house purely by smarts is pretty impressive.

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