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  • Betelgeuse's status as The Dreaded.
  • Lydia's "The Reason You Suck" Speech she gives to Danny's parents in regards to their treatment of ghosts and the way they ignore the scientific method, using both emotional and logical arguments to support her case.
  • Aunt Melinda using her green gem to bind and banish Betelgeuse effectively enough that even he was having trouble finding loopholes around it.
  • Danny and Betelgeuse's fight, for both of them. Betelgeuse is clearly stronger and only gradually putting more and more effort into the fight, but Danny is able to get in a few clever tricks and hits on the Ghost With The Most.
    • Danny tries to sucker punch Betelgeuse to start the fight, but the older ghost manages to spot it and redirect the blow away from him. He then proceeds to toss him around every time he tries to hit Betelgeuse.
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    • Betelgeuse manages to pin Danny on one of the floating rock chunks in the Ghost Zone. Danny reverts back to human, phases through the rock underneath him, turns back to his ghost form, and lands a solid punch while Betelgeuse is still surprised.
    • Danny tries his Ghostly Wail, which normally takes out most opponents. Betelgeuse manages to endure it, though he is a little disheveled afterwards.
  • Sanduleak, who is also known as Jack the Ripper, is a creepy and evil poltergeist. The fight with him gives everyone a moment of this sort:
    • Sam and Tucker manage to hit him with a book and an old piece of technology respectively when he tries to kill Lydia.
    • Lydia manages to use a Groin Attack to get away from him at one point.
    • Danny showing up for a Big Damn Hero moment.
    • Betelgeuse showing up, no matter how dangerous, resulting in an Oh, Crap! reaction from Sanduleak when he sees him.
  • Lydia regaining her memories of his name finally and saying "Betelgeuse" three times.
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  • The final showdown of Danny and Betelgeuse versus Gem-of-Osiris-empowered Sanduleak, complete with blasting ecto-rays, attempted stabbing, and reality warping. And Sanduleak is finally defeated by Lydia performing an exorcism on him.
  • Of all people, Uncle Roger gets one at the very end, when he grows a backbone and helps to put Melinda behind bars for almost killing Lydia.
  • The final chapter ends with Jack and Maddie, who now know the truth about Vlad, confronting him... and introducing him to Betelgeuse, who feels he owes Danny a favor for helping to save Lydia from Sanduleak. The actual fight is not shown, but it's easy to imagine the No-Holds-Barred Beatdown.


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