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Awesome / Sapphire and Steel

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Assignment 1

  • Steel lowering his temperature down to absolute zero in order to freeze time-creatures that had Sapphire trapped.

Assignment 6

  • Silver distracting the immensely powerful Transient Beings (who could squash him like a bug) with some fast talk and a forgery of the item the Transients are looking for.

Big Finish Audios

  • Sapphire, towards the end of All Fall Down, gets one when she holds off the Big Bad of the week by trapping it in a continuous time loop.
  • Sapphire again, in Zero, calling out Gold and making him back down when he has already effectively murdered Steel and Silver at least, so they think and is about to murder her as well. Her tone makes it very clear that she will not be crossed. Better still, she succeeds and gets Gold to realize that he's been played by the Transients.
  • Also in Zero, Silver sends out a false mental message to fool Gold into thinking he's about to die from lack of oxygen in space, then sneaks back into the spaceship WITHOUT being attached to it, comes up behind Gold, and nearly strangles him to death. For a mild-mannered and notably good-natured Elemental, listening to him do that last bit is quite something.