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  • The end of each chapter in the first game, the only times that the protagonist speaks, generally saying kick ass things in a cool-sounding voice.
    Julius: That was a hell of an explosion. You okay, playa?
    Protagonist: I got ran over by a mothafuckin' truck, what d'you think?
    • A Shut Up, Hannibal! moment to Big Bad Alderman Richard Hughes. "Hey, can we speed this shit up? I want to go to Freckle Bitch's."
  • When Action Girl Lin is murdered by Smug Snake William Sharp, you get a chance to get some well deserved karmic justice by chasing the bastard down.
    • You do this after breaking out of a locked car trunk after being tied up and tossed in a lake. Unfortunately, you can't save Lin.
  • Tanya Winters gets one in the way she pretty much systematically plays the Vice Kings against one another, all the way being dismissed as a piece of fluff.
    Warren Williams: Hey yo, Tanya- What's goin' on?
    Tanya Winters: *Holds gun* You're a bright boy, I'm sure you can figure it out.
    Warren Williams: Bitch, you better not miss, cause if—
    Tanya Winters: *shoots Williams dead* Thanks for the advice.
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  • The Playa's final battle with Price forces him to battle against a Car Transport while he's being chased down by seemingly an endless number of Rollerz.
  • Benjamin King. What does he do when his entire gang betrays him and his former lieutenant tries to have him killed on the spot? He jumps up on the boardroom table, grabs a gangster's bat mid-swing, runs across the table while beating another gang member down, throws the bat to take out another, slide kicks another gangster at the end of the table and gets out the door with only a bullet in the arm. All in about ten seconds. And after that, he holds his own for a good three minutes in the middle of a courtyard filled with what might be the highest concentration of enemies the game has shown yet, all while the player races across the city to get to him. That Warren betrayed this man could qualify him for a What an Idiot! moment.
  • Beating Escort: after being harassed by those supremely annoying news vans for 24 levels, your reward is... a rather pimped out Jeep Limo.
    • A more satisfying reward comes from finishing the activity location in the Suburbs - you get a news van. With a huge middle finger painted on the side.
  • Say what you like about Troy Bradshaw, using Victor Rodriguez's flaming corpse to light a cigarette was badass. And slightly horrifying. But mostly badass.

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