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While the Continuity Reboot of The Conversion Bureau: The Other Side of the Spectrum doesn't go as much for the bombastic Rule of Cool moments as the original, there are moments which stand out.

Main Story

  • Chapter One - "The Human"
    • From a meta-perspective, this time, there is a solid reason given to why the human protagonist, now known as Alexander Reiner, appears in an Equestria that'd be friendly to his cause; the Tree of Harmony summoned him there.

  • Chapter Two - "Friends On The Other Side"
    • The following lines;
      Alex: "My name is Alexander Reiner. And I am human."

  • Chapter Three - "They Are Us"
    • Princess Celestia succeeds in talking down a paranoid Alex when he threatens to get violent towards Fluttershy. A far cry from her widely-disliked characterisation in the original story.

  • Chapter Four - "Nightfall Over Boston"
    • Ana Bjorgman gets pinned down by (unseen) Imperial troops on a Boston street. Then The Cavalry comes along, represented mostly by an equally-unseen but very much heard figure who should be familiar to readers of the original Spectrum. The following chapter confirms it was Kraber.

  • Chapter Five - "The Hour Is Darkest Before"
    • In a flashback, TCB!Princess Luna brings not only Cadance with her to Earth, but a whole contingent of thestrals, before staying behind to give them, Alex, TCB!Lyra and the PHL members time to flee while she faces Queen Celestia.
      • A big change from the original story is that Celestia shows actual remorse after petrifying her sister.

  • Chapter Six - "Understanding Dawns"
    • When he appears on the verge of having a psychotic break, Alex casts a spell on himself to retreat into his mindspace and sort himself out; the ensuing trip is quite a sight to behold, if laden with plenty of Nightmare Fuel.
    • We get a vision of Queen Celestia's address at the Berne Conference, prior to her converting a roomful of reporters. In the vision, Alex imagines himself stepping in and defying her. The moment does get a bit negated once he remembers his own crimes during the war, though.
      Alex: "The human race denies you. All people, on my world and yours, with the good sense to not get caught up in your madness, deny you. Oh, too often, we have let despots and demagogues run the show, closing our eyes when they talked of building walls or leading us to greatness. You're just another goddamn one of them. Yes, I deny you. And you know how we say 'deny you' in my neck of the woods? FUCK YOU, AND THE HORSE YOU RODE IN ON!"

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