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Awesome / Superwomen of Eva 2: The Magic Touch

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  • The battle against Bardiel and Unit-03 is one massive Moment of Awesome. Faced with an Angel that's possessing an Evangelion, how does Maya choose to fight it? She brings an entire Goddamn mountain to life and sets it loose on Bardiel/Unit-03. Granted, it doesn't last for very long since Unit-03 starts punching the golem apart, but that perfectly fit within her plan; she just needed it to hold long enough to safely remove the entry plug, at which point the Eva Pilots could blast Unit-03 (and Bardiel with it) into oblivion.
    • Conversely, Bardiel/Unit-03 gets an awesome moment for being able to punch a damn mountain apart.
  • The battle against Zeruel is another Crowning Moment, and Maya/Zatanna isn't involved at all. Canon is thrown completely out the window, as Zeruel is defeated not by a berserker Unit-01, but by all three Evas working as a team.
  • Gendo's secretary stonewalling Felix Faust.


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