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If you're looking for Achievement Hunter's awesome moments, they are found here.

  • The whole studio's entire existence is quite simply the Real Life embodiment of promoted fanboys
  • At one point, an angry fan sent a rude e-mail to Gus Sorola, the voice of Simmons who also does most of the tech work for the company. In the e-mail, permission was given to show it and the e-mail address of the sender publicly. So rather than shoot back an e-mail telling the person that Rooster Teeth does not, in fact, prevent their videos from being used on Android or that maybe the person in question should be paying attention in French class rather than watching videos, he simply put a copy of the e-mail, swears, slurs and flamebait all, as well as the person's username on the community site and e-mail. He then fulfilled every person's fantasy of getting back at rude people at work when the RT community came down on the kid.
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  • Burnie punching a horse in the pressure point, causing a One-Hit KO in real life. Reason being the horse was biting on Jordan Burns' (Burnie's then wife) finger.
  • At one point, the company overtook Justin Bieber in number of subscribers on YouTube.
  • Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you the real life feud between Burnie and Gavin, called "Kung Shu".
  • Behold this epic Skyrim trick shot.
  • Reaching one billion views on YouTube.
  • RTX 2012, wwo back-to-back days of awesome. To put this in perspective, it was so huge they had to book a whole other area for them to use, it was given a preview of Halo 4, and Elijah freaking Wood cameo'd at one of the panels.
  • Getting Elijah Wood to do a voice in Red vs. Blue. According to Word of God, it apparently pays to have friends who are friends with celebrities.
  • Burnie building a hover...something for his kids. Seen here at about 0:40.
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  • Monty taking some time out of animating to cameo in The Gauntlet as a guest game master... for DanceDanceRevolution. In his dancing along to it, he kicks ass. Even Gus is impressed.
  • All of A Simple Walk Into Mordor counts. Chris, Kerry, and their tour guide Nick Newton discover that one does not simply walk into Mordor. One must push his body to the limit, go through hours of nonstop walking, and put up with countless blisters and sore muscles before they can reach Mordor. These guys push themselves to their limit in an effort to walk from the set of Hobbiton to Mordor in six days. They have to walk 131 miles and it is an impressive and awesome feat to see especially considering how much pain they are all in.
    • And in the final episode, they begin having troubles with trespassing - first, they have to take a shortcut across private property, which is twice as fast as taking the actual road. They almost get thrown off, but talk their way out of it by claiming to have permission to cross when they get caught. Then later, they discover that forest rangers are not allowing people near the mountain, so they get up at 3AM in order to get past the gate before the rangers arrive. This allows them to actually succeed in their mission and bury the ring.
  • Gavin versus Jack at real life tennis. To call it a Curb-Stomp Battle would be putting it politely, as Jack completely thrashes him. While considerably heavier than he is.
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  • While normally the podcast shies away from politics, Burnie gives a small speech on fear that is pretty awesome (first five minutes in).
  • Matt Hullum got to direct a music video for the Barenaked Ladies, and nearly all of the Rooster Teeth crew cameos in it. Behold: "Odds Are".
  • While The RT Community team and the RT Staff team do really well in Episode 3 of The Gauntlet, special mention must go to Ryan Haywood, who is pretty much the only member of the AH team to capture the hill and play properly, at one point serving as a huge Spanner in the Works to the other three teams by murdering a large chunk of them all. Burnie briefly drops his Donald Trump-esque performance to sincerely praise Ryan for doing so well, given his team's lacklustre performance. Ryan's rampage actually enables the AH team to bump up from 4th place to 3rd place, narrowly forcing Team Internet Celebrity into 4th place.
    • The winner of the match overall? Team RT Community.
  • Episode 4 of the Gauntlet. As they are now in something of a quagmire, Team AH and Team Internet Celebrity are snapping at one another's heels, with the final two players left being Gavin and Justine. Gavin narrowly wins.
    • Earlier, Miles proves that all his years of playing Sonic have paid off, as he easily aces the course while his opponents struggle despite their significant head start.
    iJustine: "Who plays this sh*t?"
    Miles: "I DO! SUCK MY BALLS!"
  • During the Extra Life 2013 live stream, Ryan commits to setting up a Twitter account for a certain milestone. It hits 15,000 followers in under 5 minutes.
  • In Episode 5 of the Gauntlet, Team RT Staff narrowly win by a matter of seconds.
  • Episode 7, during the redemption match, everyone assumed either Freddie Wong or Ryan would win the Unreal Tournament. But, you know who won? GREG! He outright states that he's terrible with Pc games, so how does he win? Camping and luck! After wins, he descends into full on madness.
    Greg: They said it couldn't be done! They said Greg Miller couldn't win a PC game and I went out and beat all these PC idiots like I'm goddamn Rambo! Y'know what were gonna do? We're gonna hide! That's the perfect thing to do; 'cuz no one expects to hide from the bad guy. And when you hide like a pussy, like a coward, like a pansy, you become a winner!
    Fluffy the Immunity Dog: [Tries to jump out of his arms]
    Greg: You're not getting away. Nothings getting away from me ever again. Not you, not the community team, not the $10,000! So ladies and gentleman, get used to this face, THIS FACE, and everything else, 'cuz it's time! WHOOOOO! It's time to win the Gauntlet!
  • Miles and Arryn go looking in Wal-Mart for the RWBY Volume 1 DVD. Where do they find it? Next to the Red vs. Blue DVD.
  • Along with Rooster Teeth's announcement of their first movie production, Lazer Team, the company supplied an Indiegogo link for fans to support. With the donation period lasting a month, they reached their goal of $650,000 in less than 12 hours after the announcement.
    • Donations for Lazer Team have hit ONE MILLION DOLLARS in just two days. If that isn't awesome then I don't know what is. Considering that this is fan-funded, I think its safe to say that the fans are awesome as well.
    • Lazer Team is now the highest funded film in Indiegogo history, with a final total of US$2,480,421. For perspective, that's 382% of their original goal.
  • The community raised over $60,000 for Monty's medical bills... in about four hours. In total over $245,000 were donated to Monty's family after his passing.
  • RWBY gained such a fan following in Japan that Roosterteeth cut a deal with Warner Brothers to export it and dub it with Japanese voice actors. An American show becoming popular enough to generate demand in Japan almost never happens as its usually the other way around making this quite an accomplishment. Later on it also got a manga adaptation.
    • This needs to be elaborated upon. Avatar: The Last Airbender, considered to be a pinnacle of western animation, tried to get into Japan. It failed, massively. (Although the show was dubbed in japanese, it was never aired.) And yet RWBY, a smaller, less known, made by people who had never done anything like this before, not only got an official japanese dub due to popularity but has an All-Star Cast and has been screened in theaters for all three volumes. To repeat: RWBY did what Avatar The Last Airbender, a legend in western animation, couldn't.
  • Extra Life 2015 hit $100,000 in less than 2 hours.
    • As one of the bonuses, the guys had to do ten pushups. Caleb, who had one arm in a sling, did his 10 one armed.
    • At the end of 24 hours, they raised over $300k directly, and with the poster sales, topped $500k for the children's hospital.
    • Michael gets tazed not once, but twice. And takes it like a champ.
  • Burnie and Ashley getting to participate in The Amazing Race. Burnie had said they were going on a vacation soon and boy are they!
  • A definite Refuge in Audacity example: Michael and Andy won episode 55 of On the Spot purely because Jon awarded Michael 2000 bonus points... for whipping his dick out.
    • On the topic of "On the Spot": episode 40 ends with Team Whole Butt, in spite of Blaine being extremely drunk and Jon showing favoritism towards Team Hats, winning by 10 pointsnote .
  • After starting a Kickstarter campaign to fund their new Million Dollars, But... game, the goal of $10,000 was reached in UNDER TWO MINUTES. As if this wasn't enough, the campaign reached ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS not even eighteen minutes later. That's right, the community raised more than TEN TIMES the original goal in under twenty minutes.
    • By May 25, the campaigned reached 1 million dollars! That's right, the community raised a million dollars, for a card game about getting a million dollars.
  • Gavin's reaction when he finds out that Millie's dentist was arrested for pedophilia?note  "Is he still alive?"
  • RT Extra Life 2016, they reach over $200 000 in under 4 hours.
    • They made $665,234 in donations, plus extra merch sales that boosted the total raised to $895,000. That blasts through the goal of $500,000, and pwns last year's #RT Extralife total of $560,000.
    • Two times people a coke can was placed on someone and was attempted to be shot off with paintballs. Both times, the can was shot off without hitting the person. Bonus point to Blaine who shot the can when it was on a dick.
    • Jen Brown successfully pulling off a 'leaping bodyguard save' during one of the paintball rounds. Her laying on the crashpad kicking and punching the air in celebration making it a CMoF too.
  • Rooster Teeth is collaborating with Arc System Works. That's right. THE Arc System Works, one of the biggest companies in the fighting game industry, the creators of BlazBlue and Guilty Gear. The fact that Ruby will be facing people like Ragna the Bloodedge, Yu Narukami and Hyde Kido is just incredible.
  • Extra Life 2017: Once again, the community surpassed the previous year's total and sailed past the goal of $1,000,000 for a grand total of $1,209,970.73.
  • RT Life: Kung-Shoe Grappling Hook. Blaine somehow managed to kick his shoe off onto one of the stage roofs, and Burnie points out that Achievement Hunter has a grappling hook. Even with the aid of a camera on Burnie's drone, everyone's pretty much agreed that he's never going to get the shoe back. It takes him a few throws, but he nails it!
    Blaine: Do you believe in miracles?!
    Burnie: How did that happen? How is it even possible that that happened?!
    Gavin: Holy shit, Blaine!
  • One-upping on all the previous celebrities, along with big name voice actors, gen:LOCK will feature Michael B. Jordan as its main character!
  • At NYCC 2018, the company revealed that they've partnered up with none other than DC Comics to start comics based on their animated shows - with RWBY and gen:Lock first off the block.
  • Extra Life 2018 keeps upping the ante by reaching over $1.4 million dollars! In total, Rooster Teeth have raised $5 million dollars through Extra Life for the Children's Miracle Network.
  • When 50 employees (including Andy Blanchard of Achievement Hunter) of Rooster Teeth got laid off in mid-September of 2019, Geoff came onto Off Topic and not only gave his thoughts on the layoffs, but also gave a "The Reason You Suck" Speech to the various groups of Fan Dumb that decided that they knew everything that happened at Rooster Teeth and that the company was close to dying because that they had made a variety of acquisitions for various other Let's Play channels and groups and made a number of shows and games that hadn't panned out, on the heels of various controversies in the animation department. He ended it by saying that rather than cancelling that episode of Off Topic in the face of the layoffs, he chose to keep it going to say his piece, and also because it would be disrespectful to the 50 laid-off people for them to not keep going.