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  • When you complete a scenario. Every guest in your park will turn towards the general direction of the camera and applaud. If you have a Balloon Stand, every guest who bought a balloon will simultaneously release them into the air.
    • It gets better if you make a point of making a ton of different Balloon Stands, each of them selling a different color.
  • With the ability to customize peeps it was only time before someone made a peep made to look like Chris Sawyer.
  • The release of RCT1 and RCT2 on the iOS and Android devices under the name of RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic.... and so far it's getting pretty good reviews.
  • Making a Stand Up Roller Coaster (not Twister, Stand-Up) with a competent Excitement rating is quite a feat due to the fact that they have disproportionately high Intensity and Nausea ratings compared to the Excitement Rating.
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  • The fact that the original game was developed almost entirely in assembly language. In other words, code that is very close to machine code and requires a very intricate understanding of how the CPU works, as opposed to more conventional programming languages that are (relatively) human-readable but add some bulk in terms of how fast the processor can run it. End result: A game that can keep track of every single guest, of which there can be hundreds or even a few thusands present at once, and every single ride, even on comtemporary "average" computers.

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