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  • Andy shows his badass Determinator status here. He just leapt off of a pink moped to land on a moving truck. Just to catch Mr. Friday. He may be lazy but, when he puts his mind to it, criminals don't have a chance.
    • Andy gets another awesome moment when he uses the remains of a Cavello robot (one that attacked him a few pages earlier, implying that he destroyed it) to cover himself so that a Cavello scientist would check to see what's going on. When the scientist does so, Andy does this. Hot damn.
  • In a subtle way, this. Reilly's decision to tell the truth about her involvement with Jack instead of just trying to save her own skin. It's a great turn-around for her and a very difficult thing for anyone to do. Her expression in the bottom panel really highlights the courage it took. In fact, it could even be said that her Character Development really starts from that point onwards.
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  • Another Moment of Awesome for Reilly and Jack right here and here. In the clutches of the Doctor, she manages to find the courage to shout at him that he's nothing but a monster, calling back old memories of the Doctor's psychiatrist, Mr. Porter, and bringing the psychiatrist one huge step closer to freeing himself from the brainwashing he was put through. This nearly sends the Doctor into a Villainous BSoD as he shouts angrily at Mr. Porter's mere presence. Mr. Porter then keeps on talking to him with a rare heroic version a Hannibal Lecture until the Doctor freaks out even more and flies away. It is important to keep in mind that this is the first time the Doctor has ever completely lost his cool. And it is awesome.

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