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Robin miniseries

  • From the very first miniseries: Tim Drake vs King Snake. King Snake has been portrayed as a martial artist near on par with Lady Shiva, and he's set up a fight in the pitch darkness, and has already beaten a man to death in the room and left him there as a taunt. Tim evades the gigantic King Snake and hides. Snake tells Tim that if he surrenders, he'll kill him quickly. Snake hears a whistling sound from Tim's Bo staff, and catches it so he can counter strike. But its a feint; Tim swings down from the opposite side and kicks Snake through a window. King Snake never quite gets over the loss, and Tim gets his first major victory.
    • Even better, the feint with the whistling Bo staff was used earlier during Tim's training with Lady Shiva, setting up the attack perfectly.


  • Tim defeating Lady Shiva in their fight before it even began by poisoning her chocolates. He admits that it only really worked because he believed her heart rate would increase a certain amount when directly fighting him.

Red Robin

  • Tim as the only member of the Batfamily to believe that Bruce survived the Omega Sanction. His faith actually caught Ra's Al Ghul's attention, which led to Tim and he pulling an Enemy Mine on a nasty group of Spider themed bad guys before Tim is put through one of Ra's's Secret Tests Of Character. He passes.
    • First, the Cult of Spiders, having already killed multiple LoA members, infiltrate the Cradle, the heart of Ra's's operations, kill most of the ninjas and the Ra's decoy. They threaten Tam Fox, who proves herself an Action Survivor against one of their number before Tim arrives with White Ghost and Prudence. Tim manages to engage and defeat most of the Cult's membership, before disengaging to blow up the base to both incapacitate the Spiders and hurt the LoA's operations, then he escapes with Tam and receives a Smooch of Victory. Not bad.
      • And one of those Spiders introduced himself to Tim three issues earlier via a sword to the gut.
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    • Then, Ra's threatens to destroy Bruce Wayne's legacy by having Hush (in disguise as Bruce Wayne) sign over Wayne Enterprises while the LoA goes Keyser Soze on all Gotham affiliates of Bruce Wayne and Batman, even his old girlfriends. Tim rallies the family and his Teen Titans friends to save everyone while confronting Ra's as a distraction so Lucius Fox can follow through with Batman's contingency plan to give his controlling powers to Tim.
      • The fact that Ras Al Ghul refers to Tim as 'Detective' just furthers this moment- he's the only person other than Batman himself who Ras has referred to as such (outside of his inner monologue where he has at least once thought of Dick using the term). In the epilogue, it's revealed that Ra's was so impressed that he decided that Tim would be worthy to produce an heir to Ra's something he previously only saw Bruce as worthy of.
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  • Marcus To and Fabian Nicieza reintroducing Cassandra Cain after over a year's absence with a two-page spread of her knocking out a mugger trying to steal pearls from a young couple with a gun.
  • Stephanie got one in Red Robin #10. Prudence (of the League of Assassins) has a gun pointed at Batgirl's head. Tim is thinking about how she's going to die and it's all his fault, how he should have stopped her from being a vigilante, blah blah blah. What does Steph do?
    Steph: GUN! HUP! (beats the crap out of Prudence and sends the gun flying)
    Tim: Holy crap.

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