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  • For all the fic's more cringe-inducing content, particularly the violence and gore (as well as the fetishes to some), it is noteworthy that, Author Avatar aside, the Original Characters were not one of the major issues related to it. Far from a 30-Sue Pileup as superhero Sues tend to be, the Squall family and the other cloned Supers were much more balanced and well-rounded, since the authors actually took the time to do the research on each character's abilities and personality, work the backstories for all of them into the canon as best as they could, and have them react somewhat realistically to all the insanity happening around them. Sarah Squall/Stratogale in particular stands out as a supportive but brutally honest lancer to Violet, and demonstrates quite a lot of guts and charisma for someone who, like all the other clones, got less and less relevant as the fic dragged on. At one point she even tried to shout down Vi's decision to embrace her T. rex form without considering any of the negatives whatsoever - it didn't work, but it was worth a try. Regardless of how poorly the fic has aged since its completion, this portrayal of Stratogale remains the Creator's Favorite OC of both of its authors, and was regarded as one of the highlights of the story during its creation.
  • Creator Backlash towards an Old Shame like this usually results in the author simply abandoning the fic and not wanting to bring it up again, but not so with this one. SkarmorySilver's maturation as a person led to him regarding some of its worse elements with understandable disgust, and when he got Permission as an author for the Protectors of the Plot Continuum, guess which badfic he chose to kill for his first mission. The result is a rip-snorting 87-page-long Door Stopper which not only points out most if not all of the story elements that were so grievously mishandled, but works as a story of its own, putting Agents Falchion and Rashida in the same peril as the characters but with more dramatic consequences. To hammer the point home, after Rashida suffers cardiac arrest in the wake of Not!Ludlow's Cruel and Unusual Death, Falchion (Skarmory's Author Avatar for his PPC works) mans up and puts an end to the whole fiasco once and for all - with Sarah's help, no less - including engineering the deaths of both his previous incarnation and a now thoroughly homicidal Not!Violet/V-Wrex. It's simultaneously symbolic of the author rejecting the poor behavior that led to the fic turning out the way it did, and acknowledging the higher points of it while using them to his advantage. That's a level of self-criticism most people don't have. The author even edited the fic post-production in response to reader feedback to make the gorn less explicit, and has been steadily working to improve his writing quality in his works since then.
    • On top of this? Sarah got recruited to the PPC (in an OC-to-author case of Because You Were Nice to Me), giving her a new lease on life and further proving the above point about her strengths as a character. But not only that, the villainous Velociripper later went on to join the PPC as well! SkarmorySilver stated that he had seen a lot of potential in the mutant Deinonychus but failed to use him enough in his homefic, and had even considered having him pull a Heel–Face Turn in a possible sequel that never came to be. Now that he's done just that in the context of the PPC, Mary Sues everywhere had better sleep with one eye open...

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