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  • Recovering alcoholic Dude redeeming himself in a saloon full of Burdett's hired goons by suddenly shooting the man who killed Pat Wheeler, hiding up in the loft.
  • Another, understated one for Dude later in the movie. He's on the verge of falling off the wagon, when he hears the De Guello playing in the saloon next door. He realizes how serious the situtation has become, and how much he is needed. So he pours his shot of whiskey back in the bottle, without spilling a single drop.
  • "That's Stumpy! the man I left behind!"
    • Carlos even shows up for a rescue.
    Carlos: I brought you more shells, you might need them.
  • Chance says that if there's any rescue attempt, Nathan Burdett's brother will be killed on the spot.
    Nathan: That would be murder!
    Chance: Sure...but we'd all be dead by then anyway.

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