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1994 Film

  • "Mr. Van Dough, you're fired!", Which is immediately followed by Regina giving a well-deserved punch in the face. Mind you it was established that Mrs. Rich hated Van Dough before his whole scheme; she's likely been dying to do that for years.
  • Mr. Rich from the live-action film gets a great crowning moment. The Riches are forced to open the legendary Rich Vault to Mr. Van Dough. When he does, he is shocked to find mementos of the Riches' lives, dating back to when Mr. and Mrs. Rich started dating, as opposed to insane hoarded amounts of money.
    Van Dough: The money? Where is the money?!
    Mr. Rich: (in his best are-you-kidding-me voice) In banks, where else? Oh! And the stock market, real estate...
    Van Dough: Are you kidding me? You mean to tell me that there isn't a single gold bar, or emerald, or thousand dollar bill in this entire mountain?!
    Mrs. Rich: Well, I'm sorry to disappoint you Lawrence, but that's not what we treasure.
    • Bonus points to Rich for apparently doing it all honestly. While the film obviously showcases honest from dishonest ways of acquiring wealth, the fact that Rich managed it showcases him not just as a major ace of great financial talent but also a man of major integrity.
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  • After Richie's parents go missing, Van Dough offers him a small chair in the office. Richie instead silently walks around the desk to sit in his father's chair. Even The Nostalgia Critic thought this was awesome.
  • Keenbean using a robotic bee and a wash rag with superglue on it to save Richie and his friends from the Matter Replicator in his lab.
  • Cadbury gets one when he gives a swirlie to the assassin sent to kill him. It only shows that Cadbury is more than a just pompous butler.
    Cadbury: Never mess with a man with sensitive teeth!


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