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  • Humanity as a whole gets these moments, one after another, once they survive the first ninety years of their Curb-Stomp Battle.
    • The Terran Blitz. The Batarians intended it to be a knockout blow that would put down their "cattle" once and for all; instead humanity was able to destroy nearly all of the invading fleet, kept a hold of all its colonies, and while they did lose Earth, they weren't nearly as damaged as the Batarians predicted because they'd expected something like this, and thus spread most of themselves off-world. The codex even says that the Batarians didn't win, they didn't have a Pyrrhic Victory, they outright lost.
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    • After this, humanity discovered and stole Relay 314 from the Batarians, which is the single most turning point in the war, because what followed was...
    • A series of guerilla strikes from orbit. Having hidden the relay away, humanity was able to "hop" into Batarian systems, nuke their planets before the Batarians arrived, and then "hop" back through when reinforcements showed. The Batarians, having shot themselves in the foot with the Terran Blitz, were unable to recover the Relay or defend themselves, and in only two years had lost almost all their territory.
    • When the Council finally intervened, they offered humanity generous terms to back down. Humanity, wanting complete retribution for 120 years of slavery and genocide, said no, and then proceeded to overrun and conquer the Batarian homeworld despite the Batarians getting aid from the Turians.
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    • Humanity was offered nearly everything they could have wanted if they just left Khar'shan alone. Their response? Look up what was, at that time, the largest fleet in galactic history- and then exceed that by one-quarter. Because screw you.
    • In short—humanity took such massive levels in badass that everyone was scared of them even after peace had been established.
  • Captain Anderson (Lieutenant Anderson at the time) earned his first major award for engaging and driving off a Batarian Spectre—Balak.
  • Admiral (then Captain) Hackett's first mention in this series is a note saying he gained recognition when he played chicken against a Batarian dreadnought. With a frigate.
    • The fic also mentions that he once outran a Batarian orbital strike while carrying a wounded comrade. On foot.

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