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  • Guan Yu breaking free from no less than half a dozen spears around his neck, after being "captured" at the end of the opening battle sequence
    • Bonus points as Cao Cao basically let Guan Yu go, showing that yes, even the Big Bad of the film has much respect for such a warrior like Guan Yu and praises Liu Bei's ability to gather great men in his army.
  • Guan Yu killing a guy with a spear, then taking the guy's spear away to kill the next guy, then taking that guy's spear to kill the next guy...
    • On a similar vein both him and Zhang Fei bringing down horsemen by colliding with them.
    • In all fairness, any time Guan Yu enters in battle is a Moment of Awesome as like most media portrays, he is an unstoppable Badass.
      • You got to love that moment in the final battle when he came in and leaped on top of the moving mass of shields, cutting down enemy horsemen from atop them!
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  • Zhao Yun impaling one soldier with his sword, grasping that soldier's sword, and then goes on to battle more incoming soldiers, using both swords at once.
  • Zhuge Liang capturing Cao Cao's arrows by provoking him with straw boats, calmly drinking tea with what is more or less a trollface the entire time. At one point, his own ship takes so many arrows it starts listing to one side. So he turns his little fleet around and gets them to shoot again, catching enough arrows to balance back out.
  • Gan Xing's awesome sacrifice in order to blow up the enemy walls.
  • Zhao Yun saving baby Liu Shan from the Battle of Chang Ban; John Woo first homaged the event in Hard Boiled, and here he gets to do the real thing.
  • Zhang Fei goes into a Foe-Tossing Charge with only his bare hands and winning. The fact he did this without any weapon and yet still be a One-Man Army really makes this moment shine for Zhang Fei.
    • Seeing as how the scene culminates in Zhang Fei body checking a horse, it ends with both hands elbow-deep in the sheer awesomeness.
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  • Zhao Yun grabbing a bow out of the air, grasping an arrow just before it is about to be fired, notching the arrow himself, striking the tip of it through a nearby flame to ignite the tip, and finally fireing it to detonate all of the explosive kegs that were rolled out before Cao Cao's troops. Bonus points for the fact that he did all of this while riding on horseback!
  • Zhou Yu also gets a Moment of Awesome as he takes an arrow for Zhao Yun...And this doesn't stop him from getting up and dominate the battlefield with his fighting abilities.
    • To be more specific, he pulled that arrow right out, and with it, stabbed the guy who shot it right in the neck, while the guy was mounted upon a horse. I think that earns this moment even more awesome-ness.
  • Zhao Yun, at a point in the finale battle, yanks a rope out from some debris, and actually uses it as a flail against the enemy soldiers. He even uses it to yank several spears out of several enemies' hands at once. Oh, and did I mention it was on fire the whole time?
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  • Gan Xing, during the battle against Cao Cao's vanguard forces, quickly proves to be as dangerous as Zhao Yun, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei in combat. Even running on shields to take down a horseman and later taking down a horse with one hit.
  • The Mexican Stand Off (with swords no less) between Cao Cao and Zhou Yu that continues to get even more crazy as it escalates as more men appear for each side, ready to strike. The tension between the two groups is just plain incredible.


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