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Awesome / Realm of the Elderlings

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The Farseer Trilogy:

  • Burrich's brutal beatdown of Galen after he nearly kills Fitz.
  • Verity overpowering and killing Galen thanks to Fitz at the end of Assassin's Apprentice.
  • How Fitz gets rid of Virago.
  • Kettricken's march on the Forged Ones, which breathes life into Buckkeep in a way that only the Queen can. Crosses with Tear Jerker, however.

The Tawny Man:


The Rain Wilds Chronicles:

Fitz and the Fool:

  • Near the end of Fool's Quest, Fitz imparts some long awaited vengeance on the Chalcedean mercenaries who brutalised the folk of Withywoods.

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