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  • The "Teamwork" video from "A Chair For My Mother", which showed the production and rehearsals that built up to it.
  • In 2014, five years after the show went off the air, LeVar announced that he wanted to bring it back via Kickstarter. 34 days before the deadline, and it already exceeded its million dollar goal. It gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "Thanks to Viewers Like You."
    • To put it in a better perspective, the Kickstarter reached the one million mark in under twelve hours.
    • At the 4 million mark, Seth MacFarlane (yes, the same one behind Family Guy, which is as far away from literacy and learning as you can get before you hit the latter-day episodes of The Simpsons) offered to match dollar for dollar the next million dollars pledged. In all, donations reached over 5.4 million and the campaign had the most individual backers of any Kickstarter project ever.
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    • At the closing of the campaign, the project netted US$5.4 million from Kickstarter, US$70,000 from direct contributors, and a whopping million from Seth MacFarlane, totaling almost US$6.5 million. The money will be used to port the iPad app to tablets running Android and its derivatives, as well as to consoles (PS4, Xbox One) and to set top boxes like the Roku, Apple TV and Amazon FireTV (and the myriad of Android TV boxes out there). The money will also be used to fund access to the app for over 13,000 underfunded classrooms.
    • And even better- the funding allowed LeVar to hit the road again, filming new segments to add to the existing library. Think of it as segments of new episodes. Technically, the show is back in production with new content coming out, even without PBS/The CPB's funding. New content appear on the YouTube Channel every few days.