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  • Manu breaking the neck of an infected man.
  • Tito killing Jennifer's infected mother with a bottle rocket to the mouth.
  • Horrifying or not, the demon's successful plan to trick Owen into setting it loose on the city.
  • In the third movie, Clara kicking the infecteds´ asses with a chainsaw and a couple of well delivered kicks and blows. All of it while dressed as a bride.
  • In a way, the policeman and the health inspector both averting the usual Zombie Infectee trope. The policeman, as soon as he's aware that he was bitten, tells his companions to scram while he stays behind with the infected Jennifer. The health inspector calmly (for the situation, anyway) finds a room with a sliding barred door, informs the rest of his condition, and then locks himself inside. It takes a lot of guts to seal oneself in one's own prison like that.
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  • Ángela blowing the head off of Medieros. In pitch darkness. Unfortunately it's very shortly revealed that she's already possessed by this point.
  • Ángela and Nic actually managing to survive the events of [REC] 4 in spite of overwhelming odds. Doubly so for Ángela - after all, this isn't the first time she's been in this sort of situation, and she is now free of the demon's influence.


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