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  • Grimm got one when he and his accomplices find themselves being chased by the police into an innocuous warehouse. They then find themselves staring down a whole bunch of Mafia goons, and their guns. Despite being completely scared, Grimm manages not only to talk his way out, but also convinces them he's a very high ranking Mafioso in the process.
    • On the other hand, Phyllis thinks it's just Grimm becoming more and more independent and solitary, and Becoming the Mask as a dangerous and ruthless criminal more than he should.
  • Roztzinger's been worried about his legacy being destroyed by being unable to catch a robber dressed in a clown outfit. His assistant makes sure that's not how he's remembered in a CMOA.
    • The final "Skipowski... I mean Chipowski" line at the end as well, as Rotzinger realizes just who Grimm was.
    • Rotzinger has similar moment earlier when he correctly deduces that a guy reported to be jumping out of a moving cab is one of the robbers.

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