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  • Taylor, having been active for only a few days, walks uninvited into a room full of super villains. When challenged on why she should be there, she casually tells them that she took down Lung and Oni Lee. No one contests her afterwards.
  • The first time Taylor unleashes her dragon form. Everyone, even the Simurgh, is completely stunned.
  • Taylor vs The Siberian. One is a completely invulnerable projection while the other is a regenerator with effectively infinite amounts of energy. If they hadn't been interrupted, they could have fought evenly for centuries.
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  • Apostle also known as Eidolon finally killing the Siberian by teleporting Manton to the center of the Earth. Manton manages to survive for a few hours before Behemoth finds and eats him.
  • Everything involving Dracul.
    • To start: Two Entity kills, both after being left Grey Boy'd in the ruins of his shattered world. He hitchs his power to Abbadon, allowing someone else to take it up and use it, but also giving him a connection to Abbadon's shards, which he promptly uses to kill Abbadon by setting off Sting. Then Eden picks up the fragments and he makes her crashland. Oh, and all this time he's being burned to death by the sun, over and over and over.
    • Then, his power goes out looking for a host, and rejects Jack Slash when Jack first triggered. Thirty years later, Broadcast's proximity to Taylor lets Dracul turn Jack's whole Break Them by Talking gimmick back on them, and makes Jack strangle himself just for kicks. He can't actually kill him, but Jack Slash is left scared, helpless, and confused.
  • During the battle with Leviathan, Taylor uses her Weather Manipulation powers to trump Leviathan's, hijacking his storm and frying him with it.
  • The entirety of Behemoth vs. the ice magic-powered Humongous Mecha that is Atlas, piloted by Armsmaster (via remote).
    • And even when Behemoth wins against the mecha, Atlas's final discharge of ice magic holds him long enough for Apostle, Legend and Dragon to break through to his core, with the latter finally shattering it.
  • Castlevania is damaged/wounded, but actually survives Scion's attack, which takes it off guard.
  • Death's avatar vs. Scion's, which ends with Death performing a Heroic Sacrifice to delay the Entity enough for Castlevania to escape.
  • Lisa realizing that Scion can sense shards, and is using her and Bakuda to sense Castlevania. This leads to Castlevania leaving a part of itself behind with them in it so the main mass can escape, while the parahumans escape through a portal to Earth.
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  • Scion returning to the Shadow Realm... only to get a bunch of nukes in his face. Then, when he gives up and returns to Earth, hundreds of parahumans, several gods, and constructs all lay into him at once.
  • David/Eidolon/Apostle's excellent rebuttal when Zion says the line that broke him in canon.
    Zion: You needed worthy opponents.
  • But even with all that, Zion is still cleaning house with the defenders and causing swathes of casualties at a time, and not even the gods can withstand him. So Taylor comes up with a plan: get to Eden's brain-dead body, body-jack it with her blood possession, and use it to let Zion's guard down for her to stab him with the Void Sword. Ladies and gents, the "Holy Shit!" Quotient has just been surpassed.
  • Eden!Taylor and Scion's battle, which is so literally Earth-shaking that to describe it further couldn't do it justice.
    • Considering the resulting earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions, and rents cut into the earth, the description is apt.
  • With a bit of ingenuity involving Director Piggot, Doormaker, and the Shadow Gate leading to the base on the moon, the defenders finally break through to Scion's true body and desolate it, with Taylor dealing the final blow through the portal he uses to maintain his avatar.
  • Director Piggot gets her grand moment when she, now the new Goddess of Flame, goes back to Ellisburg, the kingdom of Nilbog, the place of her nightmares, and proceeds to reduce him, his creatures, his diseases, her nightmares, and his whole kingdom to ASH.
  • Alucard/Adrian taking down one of Nilbog's goblins effortlessly.
  • The end of Empire 88.


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