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  • Razputin's literally dropping and then being psychically pulled into the story with a landing to boot.
    • To elaborate, though an accident as first, courtesy of a loose branch, resulting in causing a panic, then being levitated by three high-ranking Psychonauts after managing to put up a considerate resistance, and unable to read his mind, then pulling off a cool landing, stating his name.
  • Edgar finally getting over his issues by dumping the representations of the people who upset him in high school out of his mind.
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  • Giving Jasper the much-needed and overly-due beatdown he deserves.
  • Also, the final Butcher fight. As it should be.
  • In the boss fight of The Milkman Conspiracy level:
    Den Mother: "I'll pluck out your eyes!"
    Raz: "Ha! You can't! That is the purpose of the goggles!"
  • "Oh, no. You DIDN'T just hit my boyfriend!" Ineffective, but awesome in its own right.
    • And just a second before, what causes Lili's "boyfriend" to be hit in the first place: Raz sees a giant, horrific, hulking monster take hold of his friend, lift her up, and roar at her, and what's the first thing he does? Sprint right toward it in attack mode.
  • "I am the Milkman. My milk is delicious." If you don't think that's awesome, you haven't seen the cutscene.
  • Milla Vodello's Nightmare Room might be Nightmare Fuel of the highest caliber, but props to Milla for keeping TEN of the things under control. While it might be chalked up to Raz being a rookie, we get to see firsthand how dangerous Nightmares are later in the game, and that's facing them one at a time.
    • Which, in turn, accurately represents a CMOA for her in real life: despite how traumatic it must have been to hear the dying screams as all the children she loved getting burned alive, she was somehow able to cope with it and move on with her life as a happy, laid back person. One has to wonder the kind of battle she had to fight to get that done...
      • Who said she did?
      • Word of God did. Tim stated that Milla's mind is how a sane mind should look like: representing your thoughts, with everything being in order, censors keeping your head clean while still having nightmares and dangerous thoughts, but in a controlled way (in contrast to the mutated Censor of Sasha from being too controlled).
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  • After helping Fred with his problems, he promises to strangle Crispin... after taking a nap, forcing Raz to go through with the Paper-Thin Disguise plan anyway. Once Raz gets into the Elevator however, Fred wakes up from his nap and proceeds to make good on his promise.
    Fred: Inmate Whitehead.
    Crispin: Chief Orderly Bonaparte! You''re...
    Fred: (brandishes his tiny arms) Armed?
  • Ford near the end of the game, demonstrating exactly why he's a Psychomaster by pushing Coach Oleander - who was able to take on both Sasha and Milla at the same time - against the ropes by himself. And he enters the scene flying, to boot.
  • After over a decade, a sequel is finally in the works!

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