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Awesome / Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

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About the game

  • The MERE EXISTENCE of this game. The mere existence, my friends.
    • How about the fact that it's been released in North America and Europe?
  • "OBJECTION!" Even knowing what the game is already, that moment makes people want to jump out of their chair cheering!
  • In the trailer, we get "There is a huge contradiction in your argument," from Wright and then "Mr Wright... I think we may have been making a horrible mistake," from Layton. Holy crud, am I actually watching fiction's two most over-the-top truth-revealers calling each other out?
  • Maya SPEAKS!!!
  • TGS trailer: Layton and Phoenix both pointing dramatically at the screen, together. It is awesomeness to the highest degree.
  • The ability to Object to puzzles. Just the idea of calling someone out for giving you a purposefully unsolvable puzzle and refusing to play by their rules sounds really empowering, especially if you have experience with being frustrated with a riddle because the person who gave said riddle mangled the instructions. Unfortunately, it was only used once in the game itself.
  • Layton having his own Objection! Hold It! and Take That! sound effects, even having his own Objection music theme.
    • Not just that, but during the last trial, there's a segment where you switch control from Phoenix to Layton, marking the first time in an Ace Attorney game where the player controls the prosecutor during a trial instead of the defense.
  • Phoenix having new "Welcome!" and "Hang on!" sound effects.
    • Him and Maya with their own "Puzzle solved!" animation sequences!

The Game Itself

  • Opening of the game itself, a transforming black golden clawed one-eyed THING bursts into Layton's office and kidnaps his client using telekinesis and generally blowing things up. Layton is surprised for one millisecond, and then takes it on. As it bursts through the window and most of the surrounding wall screaming into the night with its captive; he frets that this is "troublesome", especially since he promised he would protect said client.
  • Phoenix for going toe to toe with Inquisitor Barnham in court, something no one ever did in the history of Labyrinthia.
  • In the second trial (first in Labyrinthia), Phoenix is on the ropes, when he gains an ally who makes a positively awesome entrance:
    Prof. Layton: HOLD IT. (Enter Layton, head tilted forward so the brim of his top hat obscures his eyes)
    • Layton goes Big Damn Heroes with his own "Objection!" during the first trial to help Phoenix with the Grand Grimoire, after he realizes that his usual tricks (forensics, photography and even logic) aren't working. Since magic is a big part of this world, he needs to know about magic too.
    • Layton's "Objection!" theme being a huge contrast to Phoenix's is pretty neat; Phoenix's is loud, staccato, and excitable, with a fuller sound due to having more instruments behind it. Layton's is calm, collected, smooth, slow, restrained, and most of all, classy, played largely by only two instruments, particularly the violin. And yet, it carries the same dramatic and triumphant weight of Phoenix's theme.
  • During Chapter 4, the second Witch Trial (and overall third case in the game) is the only Witch Trial were Phoenix doesn't have Layton helping him out—however, this one's personal business for him since Maya's on trial for allegedly murdering Layton, and it shows; after his near-customary initial floundering, Phoenix gets a lead for his case and the Chapter basically becomes about two hours of Phoenix thoroughly kicking the Labyrinthians' collective asses with an all-out barrage of logic. He has Barnham on the ropes for at least half the trial, and, in a very similar vein to the extra case of Dual Destinies, even though he's basically already won, he takes the time to prove that the witch didn't kill anyone, deeply regretted what she had done, was greatly cared for by the victim, and, thanks to his vehement protest to condemning a person to death just because they are a witch, he actually convinces the Judge to spare her life, though we only learn that later. Let us repeat that: Phoenix Wright just got a Witch Trial, of all things, TO SPARE THE WITCH. Badass.
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  • At the end of Chapter 4, Maya gets one when she refuses to let Espella sacrifice herself and saves her from the Flame Cage. Unfortunately, in the process, she gets trapped is sent into the flames herself.
  • Phoenix gets another one when he confronts Barnham after Maya's apparent death. Even in his home series, we've never seen Phoenix this angry before. It clearly leaves an impression on Barnham, as he lets them escape shortly after.
  • Phoenix and Layton overcoming the Witch Trials just by thinking straight.
    Judge: (to Phoenix and Layton): I have NEVER seen anything like this! You change hearts and minds and reveal truth through words! What is this?"
    Layton: It is called "Logic."
    • This is the very first time that Labyrinthia has ever been exposed to logic, but Inquisitor Barnham shows that he's a fast learner, and begins firing back with logical arguments of his own almost immediately.
  • Barnham gets one while outside Labyrinthia, in the Eldwitch Woods. The Great Witch has disappeared and the Shades, her servants, are panicking. Upon discovering Barnham, who has been investigating, they immediately attack him. Barnham fights off the five of them with a few effortless sword strokes. He's the "Sword of Labyrinthia" for a reason.
  • Layton again, going Big Damn Heroes on Maya after it was revealed that she was alive and well. With a stick.
  • Aunt Patty! Going up against the vigilantes and Knights of the Inquisition with a rolling pin, and a bag of flour!
  • Layton vs. the Storyteller's mechanical knights, sword in hand.
  • During the final trial, when Phoenix defeats the Vigilantes in court, you are treated to a shot of 10 witnesses breaking down at once.
  • How does one stop two girls from falling to death? Well, if you're Layton, you do it by pointing.
    • Related to the above, Luke operates a crane that catches them.
  • Solving the last puzzle while the game's version of Cornered plays.
  • In the game's finale, Layton and Wright point together to dispel the illusion over Labyrinthia once and for all with the final spell - Taelende!
  • Layton Vs Edgeworth in the #11 DLC, Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny!
  • Albeit a few brief cameos in The Azran Legacy and The Eternal Diva it was very nostalgic to see Chelmey (and Barton) again, in charge and on the case, after being replaced with Inspector Groski for the last trilogy. Now if only Don Paolo appeared in Labyrinthia to stir things up.

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