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Awesome / Professor Layton and the Curious Village

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Spoilers Off applies to all Awesome pages. You Have Been Warned.

  • At the very end of the game, after Layton and Luke discover that Flora, Baron Reinhold's daughter, is the "Golden Apple", Layton's arch-enemy, Don Paolo, shows up in a massive flying machine and starts destroying the tower. The group then attempts to flee the tower...but the stairs break, allowing Luke to escape, but not Layton or Flora. Unfazed, Layton returns to Flora's room and builds a makeshift glider out of parts of a huge globe and some curtains. With the tower collapsing around them, Layton and Flora glide to safety. Layton's triumph of intelligence over brute force make this scene symbolic of the entire game. The fact that 90% of the scene was animated didn't hurt matters.
    • Although the most awesome part of that scene was either the part where Layton destroyed Don Paolo's machine by accident or the part where Don Paolo had these weird bommeknockers just flying into the tower.
    • Alternately, when Layton solves the game's first puzzle after glancing at it for a few seconds (admittedly, said puzzle was a bit of a pushover, but still...).
    • Also alternately, a scene near the end of the game where Layton is summoned to Reinhold Manor by Inspector Chelmey. After arriving, Chelmey gathers everyone in the manor together for a giant meeting, and then loudly and insistently accuses Layton of the murder that happened earlier. Even though Chelmey correctly declares that Layton's alibi is incredibly weak due to Luke being the only person with him (and he could have easily been in on it,) Layton is completely unfazed at the thought of the inspector pinning the murder on him in front of everyone. Instead, he calmly identifies Chelmey as an impostor, delivers an incredibly long recap of every single mistake and contradiction he noticed since the very beginning of the game that all points to this conclusion, and even successfully traps him in a Bluff the Impostor name drop in one of the many pieces of evidence he brings up just for extra good measure, leaving Don Paolo with no choice but to drop the disguise. It's just staggering how thoroughly Layton destroys Paolo with mountain after mountain of logic in this scene.
  • It was pretty cool when the aforementioned stairs fall underneath Luke, and he manages to jump across as it crumbles, but she thinks that if the ending doesn't, the scene where Layton performs a diving save to stop Luke from being crushed by the Ferris Wheel takes the cake.
    • The music for the whole ferris wheel scene even made it better. Not to mention the part where the ferris wheel rams into a mysterious shack and flies into the lake in slow motion. Layton. Is. AWESOME!
  • As Layton and Luke climb the tower Layton reveals what was going on with almost all of the mysteries. This is the first time that we see that he doesn't just solve puzzles: he solves mysteries. We actually see that he HAS been figuring everything out this whole time.