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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to these pages. Proceed at your own risk.

Professor Arc

  • Velvet's thorough dressing down by Jaune. Having at this point been ignoring her team, usually by either hanging out with her old group and even another team of first years who were known racists up to a certain point, he points out to her that, no, she doesn't have to leave her current team behind, and could've made them friends with one another, but instead opted to act out of anger for her predicament and make the lives of everyone on her current team miserable by acting like a child. It's enough that she walks away from the table thoroughly ticked.
    Professor Arc: The flaw in your argument, Miss Scarlatina, is that you don't have to leave them behind. Whether or not you got back onto Team CFVY, it's not like RVNN would implode. You could have remained friends with them, just as you do with your old team right now. This isn't like the date with the doctor. Being friends with RVNN and with CFVY aren't mutually exclusive - you can have both!
    (Velvet Flinches)
    Professor Arc: You might be trying to apply your 'end justifies the means' here, but the truth is you're using it as nothing more than an excuse for your actions!
    Velvet Scarlatina: (Stuttering) N-no, I-
    Professor Arc: You're not sparing them the pain of being their friends by refusing to interact with them. You're not doing this out of kindness. You're doing it out of anger - and frustration. You lashed out, and did so at the first people who would take it. You didn't make Pyrrha feel like shit to protect her, you made her feel like dirt because you wanted somebody else to feel what you're feeling!
    Velvet Scarlatina: (Frustrated) I just wanted my team back! I just wanted my best friends back, our shared room - my life!
    Professor Arc: And Pyrrha wants a teammate. And Ren wants a team, not to mention Nora who just wants everyone to be friends. I suppose no one is getting what they want, however. Since Velvet Scarlatina has declared that if she can't be happy, no one can.
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  • Jaune beating his father. Unlike most of his previous exploits, this feat was entirely his own doing. No gimmick, no doppelganger, only hard-earned skill, unwavering determination and just a pinch of clever deception. That's Professor Arc for you.
  • After Yang's incident with Mercury, Cinder exploits the situation in a bid to have Yang expelled from Beacon. The deciding vote falls to Jaune. Despite knowing what Cinder would do to him if he stood against her, Jaune votes against expelling Yang, proving that despite all the lies he told, Jaune will not throw someone under a bus to save himself.
  • The finale of Chapter 58. Jaune, despite being stuck in a seemingly hopeless situation, manages to solidify himself as a bastard capable of competing with Cinder by disabling the Black Queen Virus and forcing Roman to work not only alongside him, but under him.
    Well guess what? You're my bitch now.
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  • Once the Battle of Beacon fully unfolds, moments of awesome just keep happening one after another. There are no less than five Big Damn Heroes moments and three near-lethal Heroic Sacrifices, but perhaps the most awesome thing about the battle was Jaune and Roman smashing Atlas' battleship into the Grimm Dragon. It is so awesome, that it pretty much makes Jaune into an In-Universe Memetic Badass.
  • The climax of the story: once Cinder starts going ballistic with her fire powers, Jaune sends Roman and Neo to safety, runs through the fireball, lunges forward despite being burned alive, and slashes Cinder across the face, destroying one of her eyes.


Professor Arc II

  • During the charity dinner, Roman manages to steal several pocketfuls of valuables, such as watches, from various guests (including General Ironwood) despite Blake watching him like a hawk. Even better is what else he caught; a pistol emblazoned with a White Fang symbol. One of the faunus butlers at the event was sent there as an assassin for said group, and Roman foiled the attempt. Never underestimate a master thief, ladies and gentlemen.
  • When Roman grumbles about choosing to side with Jaune after learning about Salem's existence, Jaune reminds Roman that he didn't give the thief a choice.
  • After being ambushed by Salem's forces, Ozpin talks smack to all of them before escaping out the window.
  • Jaune manages to beat Leonardo in a fight by hitting him with Neptune's trident and electrocuting him.
  • During his battle against Cinder, Jaune spends the entire fight taunting her over her failures, claiming that if Cinder was half as smart as she thinks she is, her minions would be alive and Beacon would've fallen. Then he fakes her out by pretending to throw a grenade at her (it was an ordinary rock), causing her to be blinded by smoke from incinerating said rock. When Neo's sneak attack fails, Jaune utilizes it and Jinn's distraction to break Cinder's nose with his shield by attacking from the one direction she'd never expect: the front.
  • As of chapter 19, Jaune's successfully removed Cinder's Fall Maiden powers and transferred them entirely into Pyrrha, giving the woman a Bond One-Liner once she wakes up.
    Jaune: Knight takes Queen. Checkmate.
  • In an omake of chapter 24, Oscar beats Cardin in a spar after Glynda pushes the former's Trauma Button.
  • The omake for chapter 27 demonstrates how Summer proved herself deserving of her position as leader of Team STRQ. After Raven spouts off her Social Darwinist mindset of Might Makes Right, Summer puts her in her place with a beatdown so severe, Raven doesn't even remember pieces of it when she wakes up afterward. Beware the Nice Ones, Raven.
  • Cinder shows off the value of experience when she takes down two separate hordes of Grimm at once while Pyrrha exhausts herself fighting one. Made more impressive by Cinder using her newly received Winter Maiden powers, rather than the more familiar Fall Maiden powers which had been given to Pyrrha.
  • Jaune manages to bluff Salem, and making her sweat a little, into retreating by making her think he brought the other three Relics to her and was willing to summon the Gods and wipe out Remnant entirely just to kill her. In reality, he only brought Knowledge. Choice and Creation were actually a box of cigarettes and a broom.
  • Jaune pulls off the biggest multifaceted gamble he's ever managed between two of the most dangerous people on Remnant.
    • He sends both Team RWBY and Cinder to obtain the Relic of Destruction from Salem's castle while she's busy conducting her siege on Vale. Playing to the latter's ego while informing her in no uncertain terms while still maintaining his mastermind guise that she has to keep the former alive. Along with that, he also prepared beforehand a large series of letters for Blake to use in the event Cinder attempts to betray them. Playing up his Mastermind archetype that she's constantly gone on about throughout the entire story to keep her believing that it's in her best interests to remain firmly on his side.
    • On the Salem side of things, to list in short order:
      • Jaune has a genial chat with the corrupted human over several hours. Giving her someone sane to talk to for the first time in god knows how long while he notes how human she still is, and in the process ingratiating himself with her while recognizing that she's suffering from depression from their first meeting.
      • He manages to get Ozpin and Salem in the same room to let her hash it out with him, and finally vent some of her anger that she'd been holding onto for the last several millennia, further getting into her good graces for it, and for actively getting in Ozpin's way whenever he tried to get snarky.
      • Jaune shows a little of his ingenuity when, after getting challenged to combat by Salem, leads her onto one of the launch platforms used for Initiation, and then launches her out into the Emerald Forest, making her lose the battle and have to stay the night at Beac- er, sorry, Ozma Sucks Academy.
      • Everyone showers her with various goods invented by Humankind, while simultaneously informing her that all of it would be lost, should she actively decide to wipe them all out.
      • He makes her realize that if she obtains her goal, she'll have nothing left to live for.
      • She becomes justifiably terrified when she realizes that even if she wipes out humanity, Ozpin will still have a body to inhabit: Herself.
      • She goes noticeably silent when Jaune notes that all of that can be avoided if she allows humanity to live.
      • The final push is the therapy session that Salem herself asked for. Trying to figure out how Ozpin is able to live and function far better than her. Jaune's response, while bland, is fairly obvious: Mindless Busywork. While his primary goal is still to stop Salem, he also has to manage various other things that keep him occupied, whereas she would lay around being listless because she only had the one goal in mind, with nothing else to do. It's the final straw needed to let her allow everyone to live; making Jaune the only one to have stopped a immortal being on a relentless crusade - even if only temporarily for a hundred years - not through strength or strategy, but by treating her like someone who needed someone to talk to.

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