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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to these pages. Proceed at your own risk.

Professor Arc

  • Jaune beating his father. Unlike most of his previous exploits, this feat was entirely his own doing. No gimmick, no doppelganger, only hard-earned skill, unwavering determination and just a pinch of clever deception. That's Professor Arc for you.
  • After Yang's incident with Mercury, Cinder exploits the situation in a bid to have Yang expelled from Beacon. The deciding vote falls to Jaune. Despite knowing what Cinder would do to him if he stood against her, Jaune votes against expelling Yang, proving that despite all the lies he told, Jaune will not throw someone under a bus to save himself.
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  • The finale of Chapter 58. Jaune, despite being stuck in a seemingly hopeless situation, manages to solidify himself as a bastard capable of competing with Cinder by disabling the Black Queen Virus and forcing Roman to work not only alongside him, but under him.
    Well guess what? You're my bitch now.
  • Once the Battle of Beacon fully unfolds, moments of awesome just keep happening one after another. There are no less than five Big Damn Heroes moments and three near-lethal HeroicSacrifices, but perhaps the most awesome thing about the battle was Jaune and Roman smashing Atlas battleship into the Grimm Dragon. It is so awesome, that it pretty much makes Jaune into an In-Universe Memetic Badass.
  • The climax of the story: once Cinder starts going ballistic with her fire powers, Jaune sends Roman and Neo to safety, runs through the fireball, lunges forward despite being burned alive, and slashes Cinder across the face, destroying one of her eyes.

Professor Arc II

  • During the charity dinner, Roman manages to steal several pocketfuls of valuables, such as watches, from various guests (including General Ironwood) despite Blake watching him like a hawk. Even better is what else he caught; a pistol emblazoned with a White Fang symbol. One of the faunus butlers at the event was sent there as an assassin for said group, and Roman foiled the attempt. Never underestimate a master thief, ladies and gentlemen.
  • When Roman grumbles about choosing to side with Jaune after learning about Salem's existence, Jaune reminds Roman that he didn't give the thief a choice.
  • After being ambushed by Salem's forces, Ozpin talks smack to all of them before escaping out the window.
  • Jaune manages to beat Leonardo in a fight by hitting him with Neptune's trident and electrocuting him.
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  • Yang foils Cinder's and Salem's plans to use the Relic of Knowledge to find the other Relics by wasting the final question.
  • During his battle against Cinder, Jaune spends the entire fight taunting her over her failures, claiming that if Cinder was half as smart as she thinks she is, her minions would be alive and Beacon would've fallen. Then he fakes her out by pretending to throw a grenade at her (it was an ordinary rock), causing her to be blinded by smoke from incinerating said rock. When Neo's sneak attack fails, Jaune utilizes it and Jinn's distraction to break Cinder's nose with his shield by attacking from the one direction she'd never expect: the front.
  • As of chapter 19, Jaune's successfully removed Cinder's Fall Maiden powers and transferred them entirely into Pyrrha, giving the woman a Bond One-Liner once she wakes up.
    Jaune: Knight takes Queen. Checkmate.

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