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  • Whenever Josh and Cotton take down a particularly impressive or difficult boss, you can feel their triumph.
    • Arch-Tempered Zorah Magdaros. After several failed attempts, they’re down to the wire and about to time out... and then they get the message: “Dragonator switch is ready.” As Josh scrambles to reach the lever, “I See Fire” kicks up. The Dragonator isn’t quite enough to finish off Zorah, but with only seconds left on the timer, a few well-placed cannonballs finally send the old man packing. Josh and Cotton are both cheering, and it’s hard to resist cheering with them.
  • The rap intros to many of the lategame monsters are quite good coming from Josh.
    • Valstrax:
      I’m Valstrax
      And I’m very fast
      Want to see me fly around the world? Say when.
      Indubitably, you mean nothing to me
      Indisputably, I am superior, you see
      I’m a living red jet like a hawk, so you bet I’m on it
    • Rajang:
      If you think I give a fuck
      I'm not an Elder Dragon, look
      Let me give you the gist
      This here fist? YOU'RE MIST!
      You're gonna come at me plain
      Then I'm just Super Saiyan
      That you'll be the ones that I end up slayin'
      You don't understand
      The power in my hand
      Got a Kirin-killin' laser
      And I'm gonna go and glaze ya
      In your own damn blood
      So you should learn to say goodbye
    • Raging Brachydios:
      Raging Brachydios
      See us, hear us, fear us
      Peerless power, slimy hot shower
      Explosive punches have defeated more foes
      Than you’ve had hot lunches
      What do ya think is gonna happen when you learn that I can tamper with Elder Dragons so hang on and listen here!
      I don’t meant to be made to chortle
      But you need to understand that I’m fucking immortal!
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    • Bloodbath Diablos:
      I'm Bloodbath Diablos
      And to say the least, I'm very CROSS...
      [the music suddenly changes, as does Bloodbath's voice]
      I lost a fight when I was younger
      Left scarred with a burning hunger
      To impale the world, to rip the fuck asunder
      It's what I yearn for
      Covered in guts and gore
      I'm the Deviant king, a soul twisted
      As my horn
      A fury within to consume everything
      Come over here... you pathetic hunting team
      It's time for me to... blow off a little steam...

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