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  • The latter half of the back at the park segment of 'The First Steps'. After Yolanda falls over the rail and into the aquatic holding pen the brontoscorpio are, being knocked unconscious in the process, and is at risk of either drowning or being attacked by the scorpions, Nikolai (remaining calm and unflappable) orders Mia to dive in and get her out, to which she obliges. When she becomes overwhelmed, In this moment, Leon takes his first level in badass. How? He snaps and acts in the heat of the moment on pure gut instinct to (despite Nikolai's asking what the heck he's doing) dive over the rail himself to Yolanda's rescue. And over what happens next, Leon shows considerable determination, strength, willpower, and bravery in keeping himself and Yolanda afloat while he and Mia simultaneously try their best to keep the brontoscorpio away and make it back to safety. Even as it seems that they're going to be overwhelmed anyway, they still don't back down or give up easily. To cap it all off, Hedetet, the giant female Pterygotus, comes right into the brontoscorpio holding pen (courtesy of Nikolai opening the gates to let her through) and scares away the brontoscorpio (her natural prey), giving Leon and Mia the time they need to get themselves and Yolanda safely out of the water.
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  • The fact that, despite all the drama going on in 'Life in Transition', Leon and Jack still manage to force aside their differences just in time to save Drew, and that Drew is able to survive against the dunkleosteus long enough for Jack and Leon to save him.
  • Drew's "Arthropleura rodeo" in the midst of a swamp forest fire during the finale of Alien Empire.
  • An 'offscreen' moment may or may not have occurred in that Jack and Leon were able to successfully handle the dunkleosteus in spite of accidentally being given a husbandry manual that was in French instead of English and later found themselves forced to rely entirely on improvising and a Hell of a bit of Indy Ploys.
  • Drew and Alice surviving a sandstorm in 'Passport to Hell'.
    • Jack's final idea for the dimetrodon feeding being put to use in the same chapter.
  • Leon's daring chase by the therocephalians in 'Life and Death Promised'.
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  • Alice successfully holding her own against FOUR cymbospondylus in "Degrees of Greatness."
  • Drew and Adrian's successfully preventing the adult female postosuchus from being killed and eaten by Coelophysis and Lilliensternus in "Degrees of Greatness."
  • The arrival of the plateosaurus herd at the park. The way this troper sees it, there's just something inherently awesome about the sight of these magnificent beasts arriving through the portal to the safety of the future in all their majesty.
  • Surviving multiple encounters against Allosaurus in the first of the Jurassic period missions. If their luck keeps on staying with them, they should definitely stand a fighting chance at obtaining similar giant carnivores in the future.
  • The clash between the Argentinosaurus and Giganotosaurus at the conclusion of Age of Giants. The entire pack of predators finds themselves against one of the largest dinosaurs to ever live, and it becomes clear that, in the Age of Giants, size matters.
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  • Ever since the rescue of the allosaurus group, Leon has been working his damndest to train the three younger males for the sake of added security to the park, not to mention to shake off his less than flattering reputation as "The Useless One". And while he still is far from getting full respect from anyone, he's certainly not about to give up.
  • The final minutes of the mission in Feathered Dragons. Specifically, the gang managing to get an entire herd of borealosaurus to cohesively move through the portal even in the midst of the herd panicking from a release of deadly gas from a volcanic eruption.
  • In Spirits of the Silent Forest, the borealosaurus herd are mysteriously let out of their enclosure, only to be thankfully rounded up safely back in.
  • For a villainous moment, whoever was responsible for the sabotage managed to get into the park, completely avoid security, and reclaim the shutdown timer involved in the borealosaurus escape without getting caught before then successfully escaping.
  • The rescue of the two deinosuchus in Every Golden Scale.
  • Credit where credit is due. The male deinosuchus manages to put up quite a fight over the course of its capture. It even manages to bust through the blocked off second end of the trap before finally becoming exhausted enough to be safely led through the portal!
  • Over the course of The Wavering Gulfs, the entire gang is able to come along. And they manage to rescue multiple dangerous prehistoric ocean animals. But most notably, they manage to rescue 7 tylosaurus...while said mososaurs are actively attacking the Ancient Mariner!
  • Jack himself proves especially smart in just how he manages to get the tylosaurus group through the portal. Taking advantage of the environment, he uses a dead archelon carcass the gang had previously noticed beforehand as bait to lead the mosasaurs through the portal!
  • In a notable scene during A Continent of Blight, the gang catches sight of three tyrannosaurus rex (a single mated pair and a single gigantic adult male) in the midst of a vicious battle.
  • Drew manages to live through the KT Event!

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