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  • In her first appearance in All-Star Comics issue #58, she saved the Justice Society from a volcano. How did she do this? She grabbed a stream of lava with her hands and plugged the volcano's chimmey with it.
  • In a speech in "Power Girl", she points out that she has faced the worst and most dangerous beings of her universe, multiple world-ending catastrophes... and she's always survived:
    Atlee, I fought Superboy Prime, Black Lanterns, mad New Gods and survived multiple Crises. I think I understand more about evil than you probably ever—
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  • In Tales of the Sinestro Corps: Superman Prime, Superman, Supergirl and Power Girl face off against Superboy Prime... and Prime dumbly yells that Superman is afraid of fighting him because he needs help from girls. Naturally, Supergirl and Power Girl decide to punch him right out of the planet for this sexist -and brainless- putdown. Summarized here.
  • Issue #3 of the Connor/Palmiotti run. Ultra-Humanite has Power Girl strapped to a device that will cut off her head. He believes he has won due to having neutralized her strength and heat beams. Karen shows that she is far from just the busty dumb blonde so many people think she is and uses her freeze breath to stop the machine and smashes her way out of her restraints to give the Humanite a pummeling. Later, she and Atlee are able to save New York from the Humanite's plan through creative use of their powers.


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