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Ponies and Ranma is bound to have awesome going for it!

  • The first major case is Ran VS her rival, Ryoko, in a Martial Arts Marathon. The two go at it for a good while, and when Ryoko injures her ankle, Ran is a good sport, and carries Ryoko over the finish line.
  • After that, Belle ends up fighting Kodachi in the situation Ranma did in canon. Despite being a NOVICE to fighting, she wins. Helped that Kodachi's cheating efforts were spoiled.
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  • When Momo and Ranma fight the Golden Pair, when Ranma gets injured, Momo gets PISSED! Shou sets the mood by cuing "Rage Awakened." Soon after, when Ryoga joins the fray, they use a game of Marco Polo to find the Golden Pair, and KO them.
  • Chiyo gets her moment during the Loofah Arc as Shampoo(brainwashed via Loofah) is about to kill Ranma; having had enough, she gives Shampoo The Stare. After THAT, she attacks Shampoo Hinata style!
  • Momo gives Shampoo(brainwashed) the Motor Mouth treatment, driving Shampoo nuts!
  • Rainbow Dash once again does the Sonic Rainboom!
  • The fight in Chapter 32, ending with Shampoo revealing her bad dream, spoiling Loofah's plot.
  • Mousse is beaten in ONE strike by Ranma.
  • Later on in that chapter, we see Shou going all Kingdom Hearts on some bullies bothering the CMC.
  • The duel between Hikaru and Tsukiko.
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  • The imaginary via Pinkie fight between Luna and Akane and Sweetie Belle's bad cooking.
  • When Discord creates copies of the Discorded Mane Six, awesomeness abounds:
    • Hikaru and Ran CURBSTOMP their copies.
    • Belle uses her brains, causing her clone to attack, and then, via a mallet, breaks Tom(the boulder), breaking her clone's Discording, and causing the clone to lose.
    • When Momo's clone brings up Momo's nightmares, Momo does a Spiral Heart Attack on the clone.
    • Chiyo's clone threatens her friends, and cue beatdown.
  • In the pentulminate showdown, The Elements of Harmony awaken new powers..and give Seito's blade the power to actually HARM Discord.
  • In chapter 58, Discord summons anime character copies to fight, allowing for a few moments:
    • Shou goes for the groin to best Buggy.
    • Emi uses her head to beat Alvida.
    • Momo beats Ryoko Asukra with her Party Cannon. She then whips out a Master Ball to beat Mewtwo.
    • Shingo uses LOGIC to make Gin Ichimaru surrender.
    • Megumi causes Iluvy to break her arm cannon, forcing a surrender.
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  • The Anything Goes Soccer game.
  • Inuyasha and the Mane Cast team up to beat up some monsters.
  • Belle leading the charge to stop Principal Kuno's plan. EVERY named school student whoops him!
  • The climax of chapter 75, as Ranma beats Happosai.
  • You have to admit, the CMC actually SUCCEEDING in matchmaking Kasumi and Tofu was awesome.
  • The CMC making a killer robot without trying also counts.
  • Momo winning the Cosplay Race...without a scratch. No one can believe it!
  • While chasing the shadowy figure that stole the anime club's Madoka film strip, Shou delivers the famous "I AM A MAN!" punch to the figure.
    • Shou's Batman Gambit when we learn Discord was the thief(said thief HATES Madoka)...he summoned Seito, who has his sword at the ready. Knowing if he doesn't hand over the film strip he's shish kabob, the thief returns the film strip.
  • In Chapter 89's fight, Asuza (who's fallen for Ryoga) is fighting Chiyo. Chiyo uses Stare Mode to deliver the damage, but when Asuza cries, she snaps out of it. After remembering why she's mad at Asuza, Chiyo triggers Stare Mode again, and this time, Asuza can't escape it. During the battle, Asuza also gets a "The Reason You Suck" Speech.
  • During the battle with Queen Cosmos, there're a few cool moments:
    • Tsukiko steals some of Queen Cosmos' magic, and uses it to power up Shiro Taiyo.
    • Pinkie whips out a Clone move..not Shadow Clones, unfortunately.
    • Seito uses his powered up Shiro Taiyo to clash with Queen Cosmos, resolved to finish her once and for all.
    • And all this was a distraction allowing the Mane Six to create a hot water cloud, allowing them to stay in their normal form long enough to fire the Elements of Harmony, defeating Queen Cosmos.
  • Momo EASILY beating the series resident Big Eater, Picloet Chardain, in an eating duel. Later on, she realizes Picolet plans on pulling an Arlong(aka steal the money the ganga's getting to pay off the debt), and alerts the gang to this.
  • In Chapter 110, the fiancees outwit Nabiki. I repeat..the cunning Nabiki got outwitted. As to how... They try and force Nabiki to start training with them if she really means to be serious about being one of Ranma's fiancees(she isn't.) They keep on reminding her on the danger Ranma tends to get in, and in the end, Nabiki admits she was being..well, her.
  • In Chapter 111, Luna figts a spider monster from a cursed painting. The monster never stood a chance.
  • Twilight and Pinkie managed to shake off the altered memories from Discord of their own power. That shows great mental strength of the two.
  • In Chapter 114, when Discord tries to exploit a loophole to keep Rainbow Dash from using the Sonic Rainboom to restore's everyone's real memories, Rainbow Dash easily counters it by saying she's only going to do it for fun. Discord, of course, realizes too late he's been had.
  • In Chapter 116, Discord has the Mane 6, Shampoo, Ranma, and Ryoga fight clones of themselves. They start to have trouble..Then Seito brings backup in the form of the Mane 6's rivals alongside Shou and Emi, who tag in, and proceed to do all they can:
    • Shou, despite fighting a foe that could literally crush him in the Ryoga clone, does not surrender. The clone admires his foe's determination, and surrenders.
    • Seito, after blocking the clone Ranma's attacks, decdies to just toss the clone out of the ring.
    • Ryoko convinces the Rainbow Dash clone to betray Discord.
    • Tsukiko gets the upper hand against the Twilight clone, and the clone surrenders.
    • Emi barely defeats the Fluttershy clone via ringout.
    • Miki uses a soccer ball to sned Applejack's clone out of the ring.
    • Kodachi defeats her clone the same way Rarity had beaten her clone when Discord first showed up.
    • Azusa sends the Pinkie clone flying out of the ring via a giant swing that'd make Mario proud.
  • And while all this is going on, the Mane 6, Ranma, and Ryoga attack Loofah and her allies. Loofah causes Akane's memories to resurface when she boasts about what she'll do when she wins, and then has Discord turn the Mane 6 to their normal forms in an attempt to weaken them. Discord even lampshades that she lost due to her arrogance. And with that, things return to normal..Normal for Nerima, anyway.

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