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  • The eruption of Vesuvius itself is as awesome as it is jaw-dropping terrifying. From demolishing the arena at the very start with a vigorous harmonic tremor, blotting out the sun and raining rocks large enough to cave in a man's skull with a single hit and lava bombs the size of cars onto Pompeii while massive volcanic explosions start smashing the crater rim to bits and hurling them at the city as well, one explosion causing a tsunami with the sheer shockwave. Culminating in the formation of the pyroclastic flow, where the summit caves in on itself and with one last massive explosion starts roaring down the mountain.
  • So what does a mortally wounded Atticus do when the ash cloud from Vesuvius bears down on him? He rises to his feet, raises one fist to the sky ala Raoh, and utters the gladiators' salute: "For those of us... about to die... We salute you!"
    • His final words just as the cloud of fire and ash overtakes him: "I die a free man!"
  • Atticus rescuing a little girl when the citizens run away from the tidal wave coming from the harbor, then saving her mother and reuniting the two.
  • The arena scene. Taking a page out of Gladiator, the battle is a reenactment of Corvus's attack on Milo's village. Only this time, Milo and Atticus survive, and Milo retrieves the Roman eagle, snaps it off its staff, and flings the makeshift spear at Corvus. Proculos stops it by cleaving the broken staff in two, but Milo succeeds in giving Corvus (and all of Rome) one giant middle finger by surviving.
    Milo: I do not yield to the power of Rome! I spit on it!
  • Proculus cleaving the spear in half, in midair no less, was pretty cool.
  • When Corvus has his archers aim at Milo and Atticus, Cassia saves them from death by holding a thumbs-up before Corvus makes his gesture and the archers lower their bows, much to the audience's pleasure. She then defies the senator further before he has her imprisoned to the villa.
    Cassia: If you kill him now, on the tip of a hundred Roman arrows, you make him a martyr to the mob. Is that what you want? To take home to your Emperor a revolution? And if you reverse this decision, how will it be spoken of in Rome? They will whisper it behind your back, that you have a wife who does not obey your will. Can your reputation bear such a weakness? I might become your wife, but you will never break me.

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