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    Poltergeist (1982) 

  • Mama Bear: Diane F'ing Freeling
    • There's a scene towards the end of the film where malignant entity terrorizing her family attempts to stop or slow down Diane by appearing to stretching the hallway between herself and her children to enormous length. Diane begins to slowly limp down the hallway towards the door behind which The Beast is once again attacking her children for a few seconds before snapping free of The Beast's will and full on sprinting down the hallway like an Olympic athlete.
      • This scene appears to be a direct callback to the original version of the scene in the kitchen where a paranormal investigator hallucinates that he tears his own face off in the mirror. In both the original script and the novelization, The Beast stops Marty from leaving the kitchen after his face-tearing episode, seemingly stopping or slowing time to an imperceptible crawl while Marty's fleeing. The Beast then forces Marty to experience himself being devoured slowly by worms, rats and spiders. This, too, turns out to be a hallucination.
  • When Tangina comes to inspect the house, Steven is skeptical of her abilities and tries to test her by answering a question with his mind. When Diane confronts him, he whispers to her that she couldn't hear his thought, and says Dr. Lesh told them Tangina was 'an extraordinary clairvoyant.' Tangina interrupts the conversation from the top of the stairs, too far away to have possibly overheard him whispering and replies, "I am. I just don't like trick answers."


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