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  • The series 4 premiere is one for Ross. When all appears lost for Drake and Sam Carne, Ross speaks in their defense at their and Jago Martin’s hanging. While he wasn’t able to save everyone (and is rather bitter about it for the rest of the episode), he at least managed to get both Carne brothers reprieved.
  • When Harry shows up on George’s orders to rough up Drake Carne on suspicion of murdering Reverend Whitworth, Demelza politely tells him to fuck off, and then when he insists on getting through her, Prudie physically removes him before Demelza forcefully slams the door on him. Up until that point, Harry was the most unstoppable brute under the employ of the Warleggans. Demelza and Prudie are officially the first to best him in a fair fight.
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  • At the charity opening, Ross, following a heated exchange that ended in George threatening to see him expelled from Parliament, regains his composure and calmly tells George in no uncertain terms that his threat isn’t worth a damn (“And how will you manage that?”).

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