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The great adventure

  • Ash's latent Aura powers kicking in as he, Gary and their Pokémon are surrounded by Mankey. The boy easily holds his own against the angry Pokémon using just Aura Vision and taichi/capoeira and without having a single idea what he is doing. The Mankey still get him when it makes him sick, but Pikachu, Poochyena and Arcanine are quick to finish the primates off.
  • The battle between Giovanni and Ash for the Earth badge. Ash wins 6-0, but Giovanni proved he was more than a match for the kid and truly deserved his rank as Team Rocket's boss and one of the Eight Challenges. The author used a different battle theme for each separate fights!
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  • Pikachu, Clefable and Charizard vs. Zapdos during the battle of Saffron City. No wonder Ash got the nickname of Legendary Slayer. And he is eleven!
  • Sandshrew is the most timid of Ash's crew. And yet, after the giant Haunter threatens to keep Ash alive and feed on his life force slowly and painfully, the little shrew snap, tells the monster how being afraid is not gonna stop her because he's threatening her Trainer, and evolving into a Sandslash before beating the crap out of the beast, who was so far considered the most powerful Pokémon of the power plant. Level in badass: taken!
  • Silver vs. Mewtwo! With "You know my name" on the background. The second most powerful legendary of the Pokémon world against a very angry Ice Aura Master Papa Wolf. Guess who wins ...
  • Before that, Ash and Clefable nearly succeeding to catch Mewtwo with the Master Ball. Guts: this kid got 'em!
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  • Ash's speech to the cloned Pokémon definitely counts. Whoopi Goldberg would be proud ...
  • The Indigo League. It lasts five chapters and has some rare gems of Awesome.
    • Pikachu slices the Hyper Beam of a Gyarados when Ash is fighting Fergus.
    • Charizard finally gets his revenge against Damian and his Rhyperior by disintegrating Rock Wrecker with Blast Burn and finishing with Seismic Toss.
    • Bulbasaur takes Mandi's team singlehandedly and wins, thanks to Dana's gift.
    • Butterfree defeats a Cloyster and Arcanine in quick succession despite some severe damages, since the two have an elemental advantage against him. The guy may be one of the gentlest members of the team, but he can be one fierce fighter.
    • Pidgeot. Jeanette. Curb-Stomp Battle.
    • Ash vs. Gary. First, Tyrogue defeats his Hitmonlee of a father and evolves before quickly dealing with Blastoise. Then Gary reveals his true colors, snaps and one-shots him with a crazed Alakazam. Ash counters him by calling Mightyena, using Aura to perform a form of Mental Fusion and snapping the bond between Gary and Alakazam, which causes Gary's mind to shatter.
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    • Ash vs. AJ. That is all.

Mysteries of the seas

  • Proton is about to kill Ash. Who saves the boy? Axew, by unleashing a double-Dragon Pulse on the man. Little baby's growing up ...
  • To prevent Ash from resetting the balance, Zapdos and Moltres kill Articuno. Does that stop the group? No ways. He, Lugia, Melody and the Shiny Celebi cast an old and powerful spell to bind Odin to the Ice Pearl and put it on the altar, making Silver's Pokémon the new Titan of Ice and stopping the cataclysm once and for all. Pikachu says he heard of such spells in tales, but never believed he would witness one.
  • "A Chosen's might". When Ash is asked to play with the Heart Flute so the Counsil can see his heart, he makes a melody so beautiful that it leaves the entire room silent in awe at its beauty. Reshiram says that no word can describe it and Meloetta admits she wanted to dance and sing along, but she was unsure if she could do the song justice. One of the Legendaries notes that it comes from the Pokémon standing for Arts, and especially for singing and dancing.
  • Axew is often treated as the Naïve Newcomer due to being new to Pokémon Battling. Wanting to prove himself, he goes in the forest looking for a fight ... and meets a Young Trainer with his Nidoran. Does he run away? No. Instead, little Baby Tooth manages to defeat the Nidoran despite being poisoned and on his own, complete with a called Dragon Pulse as a Finishing Move! And even after being defeated by Seel, he still finds the strength to return to Ash and only pass out in his arms. Ash was quite pissed at the younger Trainer ...
  • Ash vs. Drake at the end of Mysteries of the sea. Nearly every reader considers it as good as Ash vs. A. J. in the Indigo League, and there's indeed food for comment. Let's get started ...
    • Drake has been the undefeated Champion for twenty years. Ash trounces five of his Pokémon in a row and without seemingly much effort. The Champion gets it back when Mega-Dragonite does the same with Ash's team.
    • Before Dragonite enters, Axew pulling a Boom, Headshot! with Dragon Pulse against a transformed Ditto. Drake notes that Ash knew about Ditto's ability and made it backfire by choosing Axew, as Dragons and Ghosts are vulnerable to themselves. Folliwing is Snorlax shrugging most of Onix's moves, Pikachu's point-blank Zap Cannon on Gengar, Onix using her entire body to fire Solar Beam and Rapidash's grinding of Electivire before a Solar Beam finish.
    • Finally, Drake's reveal of Mega-Dragonite. Ash has a massive Oh, Crap! moment that couples with Heroic BSoD and is unable to battle for the first round. It takes Axew going singlehandedly against the monster and losing to make him snap. What follows is the entire team going one by one against the monster in hopes of wearing him down, with Ash coming up with a Crazy Awesome plan to defeat it. It works.
      • Said plan? To combine Lapras's ice and Rapidash's fire to generate miniature thunderclouds, then using Pikachu's electricity to charge them up before using Dragonite's big horn as a lightning rod. It's so crazy and unexpected that no one sees it coming. In the end, Pikachu ends up defeating Dragonite by having a thunder bolt strike its horn. Drake is speechless.
    • During the Dragonite struggle, Rapidash finally mega-evolves into a fiery winged unicorn. It comes completely out of nowhere, but it doesn't change the fact that Ash finally performed a mega-evolution, and this after three other characters made it.
    • Axew's sheer determination during the fight. Dragonite was much, much stronger than him and the battle was a planned defeat. Yet Axew proved extremely resilient and managed to actually wound Mega-Dragonite twice, with only the pseudo-legendary's final Dragon Rush hitting. And yet, Axew still has the strength to come back to his Trainer and give the Dragon a final 'fuck you'. As a review says it:
    "A Pokémon with type advantage that's three evolutionary stages ahead of me? Bring it on, it's time to dance!"

Legends of Johto

  • In "Legends of Johto", Lance's Awesome Moment of Crowning as Kanto and Johto's new Champion and his fight against Red, the son of the previous Champion. Epecially the battle between the two Mega-Charizards.
  • The rewrite of the third movie is awesome even to the story's already high standards, notably toward the end.
    • For starters, Ash doesn't stumble upon the problem by coincidence. This is his first mission as a Chosen.
    • The plan, even though it was devised by Silver is still very clever and even Delia's kidnapping only changes who's in which team.
    • Simon and Ash tag-team against Entei and, when the dream-Beast proves too strong, Heracross prays for - and receives - the mean to fight it on equal footing: that to become human. Entei still wins, though, which leads to ...
    • Charizard's return, catching a fainted Heracross in hybrid form and casually pulling a Big Damn Hero while quietly lighting himself a smoke ... which he uses as a makeshift Smokestreen.
    • Molly tries to stop the group's retreat and covers the room in pikes ... only for Simon to be nearly eviscerated while pushing Ash out of the way. Ash being Ash, he doesn't take it well. Ash being Silver's student, his retaliation is nothing short of epic. And by epic, we mean Silver freaked out at the sight. Yes, you heard right. The borderline Marty Stu, millenia-old superpowered Ancient was scared of his adoptive son and forced the entire group to hightail it as fast as they could. When Silver tells you to run, you obey.
      • And he's right to do so, because Ash goes into a deep, perfect example of Unstoppable Rage ever by making a raging melody that sends half of the Legendary Council in a bloodthirsty rampage and scares the other half, and then sics those creatures equal to gods against Molly and her army of crystal Pokémon. Cue an utter Curb-Stomp Battle where Ash's fury overpowers Molly's imagination so badly she starts believing she can't win ... and her mind makes it real. Ash has the girl at his mercy ...
      • then Nathea, the only Council member not affected by the song due to being a Deity of Human Origin, appears in her true form that is an Energy Being, one-shots the Unown to deprive Molly of her powers and locks Ash's Aura Powers away, effectively ending his rage-inducing song and freeing the Legendaries from his control while putting him out of commission.
  • A meta example: the author isn't a native English speaker, but you sure as hell wouldn't be able to tell by the look of the story. Not only is it written in Surprisingly Good English with only a few problems of spelling and grammar or weird syntax here and there (something the author apologises daily for), but it is also her most popular fic so far and has spun into both a sequel and a spin-off! One reviewer even commented she wrote English better than he did! Also, she's French.

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