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  • The fact that the Player takes it upon themselves to go rescue Goomy in Foreboding Forest alone. Doubles as Heartwarming because they can't stand by when a little boy's in trouble and alone.
  • In the Ancient Barrow, you meet something calling itself the Dark Land Emissary. It's captured Pancham and Shelmet, but is promising to let the rest of you go, if you'll sacrifice Pancham's and Shelmet's spirits to the Emissary. Pancham and Shelmet have been jerks ever since you met them, so this might sound tempting... but your partner, even though they're shaking and almost ready to faint, defiantly shouts that there's no way the group is doing that. When this makes the Emissary angry, your partner apologizes and takes the blame, but then the rest of the group confirms that even if your partner hadn't said anything, none of ''them'' would have sacrificed Pancham and Shelmet either; they would have said the same thing.
  • Buizel standing up to Entei of all Pokémon. Takes brass balls, even if he had a type advantage.
    • Soon after that, you and your partner fight Entei head-on. Even with Buizel's help, it's very likely you struggled with the Magmortar and Magmar before him. At this point, Entei had been hyped up to be unstoppable when put up against you and your partner, and it shows when he shrugs off your attacks. He is right about to murder you and your partner... however, your Harmony Scarves activate and you spontaneously evolve into your final forms. Cue beatdown on Entei accompanied by a rocking tune. Sadly the evolution effect wears off after the fight, but still.
  • Any time when the game allows you to break the limit on team formations by having a total of 4 or more Pokémon following you at once in a dungeon. It is incredibly gratifying to have such a large team behind you.
    • Particularly so after you finish picking up the Expedition Society members in the Voidlands. You have a massive army of 7 Pokémon romping through a dungeon ready to kick some ass.
  • "It's a pleasure to meet you... Oh, wait. No, it's not."note 
  • Every freaking Legendary Pokémon in the world working together to stop the Tree Of Life from leaving the planet, including Deoxys and Rayquaza holding it in a Beam-O-War (and when they start losing, Rayquaza MEGA EVOLVES!), Mega Mewtwo restraining it with psychic powers, and Arceus helping contact every Pokémon in the world.
    • The moment before that deserves a mention: After defeating Nuzleaf and co., the Tree of Life lifts off. Celebi mentions he can't warp in. What does your partner do? They run after it, jumping from rock to rock trying to reach it. Unfortunately, it's still too far. Cue Jirachi, Celebi, and finally you flying/jumping after your partner to give them a boost. They ultimately fall short, unfortunately.
    • Not to mention, it's not just the Legendaries helping. No matter how weak, they all pitch in.
  • After defeating Dark Matter's different forms as an unevolved basic Pokémon (a moment in of itself, especially for the player), the true crowner comes when the Partner finishes off Dark Matter for good and ultimately defying As Long as There is Evil by accepting it (the physical incarnation of negative emotions) as part of themselves. Not only does such a ballsy action completely humble Dark Matter, it stops it from existing to plague future generations. Incredible, to say the least. And then you watch your partner disappear, but still...
    • In the epilogue, you simply refusing to accept Mew's disappearance. Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment considering how you do not want to say goodbye to another friend.
  • Those requests from Legendary Pokémon are nothing to sniff at. Some require you to dungeon crawl through over 20 floors just to find them, then defeat them; some of these legendaries really make you work for their connections (for example, Arceus requires you to connect to ALL 719 POKÉMON before you can connect to it).
  • Playing as one of the gigantic Pokémon can easily be this: they're massive, they're powerful as hell (especially the Legendaries), and movement issues aside, they can easily solo hard dungeon missions.
    • Playing as any gigantic Pokémon who can fly in a cliffs dungeon is not only awesome, it's also fun.


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