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Awesome / Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: What Came After

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  • Team Everlasting and Gallade fighting and defeating Melmetal in Rusted Complex.
  • Team Everlasting defeating the trio of Klefki bandits. Special mention goes to Popplio hitting the ringleader with a branch, sending her flying.
  • Overlaps with Funny: After Riolu Trolls Alesia by shoving her onto the logs floating on the water outside the mountain of Sweeping Rapids, she just barely manages to cross, but when Riolu tries to do the same, he shows off, causing him to fall in and get bitten on the tail by a Magikarp. Later in that mission, after Riolu mocks Alesia for triggering a Chestnut Trap, he steps on another one of the same trap and undergoes far worse results, for which Alesia teases him with the same words he gave her.
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  • Second Interlude reveals the backstory of Riolu and Popplio: Their parents disapproved of their dreams to be a R.E.E.D. team, so at Riolu's insistence, they snuck out of Nispet Village during the night and escaped with the help of their friend, Lapras.
  • Steenee carrying Riolu and his bag out of Cutthroat Maze by herself is pretty impressive.
  • When Riolu regains consciousness after being knocked out in Cutthroat Maze, Alesia takes him to task for his careless behavior.

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