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Awesome / Pokémon: Hoopa and the Clash of Ages

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  • Hoopa's backstory has it curb-stomping various Pokemon already seen as powerful such as Dragonite and Steelix. Later, it one-ups this by curb-stomping multiple legendaries at once, such as when it easily beat Reshiram, Zekrom and Regigigas all at the same time.
  • The main selling point of the movie. Hoopa and Hoopa Unbound decide the best way to fight each other is to each summon a team of legendaries. Mega Latios, Mega Latias, Mega Rayquaza, and Lugia vs. the Creation Trio, Primal Groudon, Primal Kyogre, and Kyurem. Let the action begin.
    • Before, most Legendaries' attacks were directed at each other, not the terrain. But now, with all of them slugging it out in the middle of the city, the extent of their destructiveness is shown.
  • Some highlights during that battle.
    • Before the main fight even begins, Hoopa Unbound summons a crapton of sand and launches it at Ash. His response? Have the Eon Duo use Psychic to reverse the sandstorm and throw it right back at him. Then Hoopa Unbound one-ups this by using his Psychic to gather the sand into a ball and detonate it over the city, blinding Ash (while burying Team Rocket).
    • After Lugia smacks Hoopa Unbound around for a bit, it simply opens a portal and warps it back into the ocean, removing it from the fight.
    • The Mega Eon Duo show off how fast they really are, flying circles around the other Legendaries and performing feats of acrobatics while dodging all their attacks.
    • When Hoopa Unbound summons all its legendaries, it orders them to fire their strongest moves all at once, resulting in an impressive Magic Missile Storm of lasers, energy blasts, and flames all striking Ash and his team despite them firing back. When the dust clears, not only did they No-Sell the explosion that ensued, but Mega Evolved at that precise moment.
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    • Kyurem shifting into Black form and launching a Freeze Shock at Pikachu. It misses, but afterwards the attack hits a building, completely freezing it solid.
    • Similarly, when Ash narrowly avoids a collision with Dialga, Palkia shows up and fires a Spacial Rend. He dodges it, but the missed attack cleanly slices through two skyscrapers.
    • Rayquaza uses Dragon Ascent to plow Giratina into a nearby building before dodging all its attacks.
      • Also, a misdirected attack from Giratina inevitably flies towards Team Rocket. They send Wobbuffet to deflect the attack, and he actually succeeds.
    • Groudon spamming Flamethrower all over the place, and the sheer destructive power of the attacks could give Godzilla a run for its money.
    • Ash (unintentionally) tricking Groudon into blowing up Kyurem with its Flamethrower. Later, the Eon Duo dodge an Ice Beam from Kyurem which ends up freezing Groudon. He gets better.
      • Some credit must go to Kyurem for freezing Primal Groudon, who is permanently on fire.
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    • When Kyurem is using Ice Burn to suppress Ash and co., Rayquaza tackles it into the river, which promptly freezes just by touching the Boundary Pokemon. Then both of them break out of the river like it's nothing.
    • Ash has a run-in with Kyogre, who spams Origin Pulse to disintegrate them. Said attack generates explosions that light up the entire city. And Latios/Latias still dodge them.
    • Actually, just the mere fact that Ash was actively commanding the Eon duo and Rayquaza. And they follow his commands as if he was their Trainer.
  • Ash coming up with a ingenious strategy to defend the tower where the Prison Bottle is being remade, namely a psychically-charged tornado that envelopes the whole thing. And it works, even against Hoopa's army of Legendaries.
    • And what does Hoopa Unbound do? Use his portals to spread out his team's fire before busting the tornado open by hittin up Rayquaza with a Shadow Ball. What follows is an all-out aerial dogfight between the two with lasers being tossed around like nothing, where Hoopa's team turns the tables on Ash and corners him.
  • Baraz pulling a Big Damn Heroes moment to save Ash and Hoopa just as Unbound Hoopa was about to grab them, using the Prison Bottle to quickly seal him away again.
  • Hoopa using his Unbound Form (now under his control) to evacuate everyone out of the disintegrating tower. Then him figuring out how to save himself.
  • The fact that Ash is able to control THREE FREAKING LEGENDARIES. And somehow, they Mega Evolve under his command without mega-stones (well, Rayquaza does not need one but still).
    • What makes it more awesome that a Rayquaza was willing to listen to him. This is one of the most powerful Pokemon.