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  • The IC battle at the pier, in which Saber and Vesta attempted to kidnap Ronnie in order to get at Ricki. They expected possible interference from Ricki and Jason, only for Ricki, Jason, Ophelia, Elliot, Ramona, and Ryusuke all to arrive on scene with their Pokemon. The result was an explosive multi-way battle.
  • One for Vesta's Machamp, Alfa. After involving himself in a battle between Vesta and Jason Royde, William releases his Wailord midair, allowing it to drop onto the battlefield. Alfa then catches said free-falling whale, preventing any damage that would undoubtedly have been caused.
  • "How about God?"
    • This one's for William, and provides the page picture. During a Supernatural High School AU in the IC, warlock!Jason Royde casts a spell on skeleton!Linette that backfires (pick-up lines and Magical Girl antics are involved), resulting in Linette becoming so embarrassed that she locks herself in a closet to hide. Only to burst out a few minutes later, gunning for Jason's blood. Those around the two are barely preventing her from mauling him, Linette uttering the line, "I am COMING for you and not even your DORM can save you!" Cue William, an angel, appearing on the scene out of nowhere to deliver the above line, complete with Death Glare. Every character in the room (and their writers) stops cold.
  • The Promised Day: Resident Wailord High Priest, mod William gets one, finally making a fated horde spawn.
    • The legend grows! Birdy, playing breeder Luella, did not let this miraculous occurrence go to waste, and wrote an over 9,000 word post to capture eight Wailords and one Wailmer, thus going down in EPOCH history with her Holy Communion of Knighted Whales. High Priest William was most proud.

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