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Awesome / Pokémon: Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction

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  • Bonnie commands her Dedenne in battle, and this time, unlike her early attempts in the main series, Dedenne is wide awake. IT WORKS. On a freakin' Greninja.
  • Yveltal quickly proves itself as a legendary Pokémon to be taken seriously. All Mewtwo did was "threaten" to wipe out humans and Pokemon (though he seemed to have the power to back up his claim). All Celebi did was take out a portion of a forest. All Arceus did was blow up a single town. Yveltal actually managed to kill several Pokemon and humans with its Oblivion Wing/Death Wing attack.
    • Furthermore, the first thing this thing does when it awakens is to go on a rampage throughout the forest, petrifying everything. The main characters' attacks do absolutely nothing against it, and even without using Oblivion Wing, its normal attacks are powerful enough to lay waste to anything they hit. It takes the likes of Xerneas to take it out, and even then Xerneas didn't defeat Yveltal, only calmed it down.
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  • Diancie Mega Evolving and creating a new Heart Diamond that not only stops Yveltal's Oblivion Wing, but actually pushes the blast back.
  • The Steels use a giant plane armed to the teeth with missile launchers and attempt to shoot down Yveltal with a Macross Missile Massacre. The missiles end up being completely useless against Yveltal, who proceeds to No-Sell the whole thing, shatter the plane's front with its claws and launch an Oblivion Wing at point-blank range. Still, that took serious guts on the Steels' part.
  • Xerneas arrives shortly after, gets rid of Yveltal within a minute of its arrival by calming it down, and uses Geomancy to revive an entire forest of dead plants, people, and Pokemon.

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