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Awesome / Pokémon Black & White: Tale of a Legend

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  • Almost every time somebody's Pokémon evolves. Everyone is so happy and proud~ Frequently doubles as a CMoH. Special mention goes to the defense of Opelucid City. Bernice and Bianca's Servine gain their final evolutions at the same time, right after their Trainers proclaim in unison that this will happen. Neither seems to care they're fighting a Weavile, whom they proceed to thrash soundly.
  • Reshiram's initial warning is good enough to be in a movie trailer. "This man… Ghetsis is his name… he goes against truth."
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  • Volan and the enemy are stuck in the past, they've seen plenty of other species of dinosaurs, and for them it's much more of a crowning moment of Oh, Crap!... but dino-geeks can't help but get excited when Tyrantrum shows up.
  • More dino-geekery awesomeness: Pterano's desperate gambit to hitch a ride on Pteravolt.
  • A pair of vandals get their wonderful gruesome comeuppance after destroying the ruins in Undella Bay. "The problem with being underwater was that you couldn't scream."
  • Volan and his buddies are offered rides by the Sacred Swordsmen as they're all chased through volcanic tunnels by an angry Heatran. If this version of Black and White existed, this troper would love to play it.
  • Volan's old team have been stolen by N, and he must fight to get them back -but that doesn't stop Rudy from jumping out of his Poké Ball to shield him from Zoroark's attack. The others proceed to join him and end the battle spectacularly. Also counts as a CMoH.
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  • Bernice's takedown (not literally) of Monty's Minccino.
  • The way Opelucid City's architecture is described, who wouldn't want to visit?
  • The fight between Genesect and Colress' Metagross.
  • Stephan's Sawk vs. Basculin. Similarly, Stephan's capture of one of those stubborn, violent Durant. That boy's putting in work.
  • The whole group vs. Alder's angry Druddigon on Victory Road. The story is full of fights, but this is one of the best.
  • Ash's freaking Charizard is here! He first appears when the Durant Queen attacks.

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