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The Subsistence

  • Dawn, Tracy, Brock, Jessie, James, Meowth, their Pokémon, Ash and his old Pidgeot successfully defending the remnants of Oak's ranch from a flock of Fearow that razed Pallet Town. The entire flock is killed.
  • The Cerulean City Gym battle, against a swarm of Golbat and Zubat. None survive save for a Golbat couple that escaped before the final attack.

The Coalescence

  • Dawn and Ash's battle with the Cloyster on the bridge, which ends up destroying the structure, which the Pokémon were using as a trap. Dawn's personal CMOA. All that on the back of a Rapidash.
  • Ash's Pikachu and AJ's Sandslash engage in a "sparring match" that effectively terraforms the area they were fighting in, and scares an entire tribe of Pikachu there into polite diplomacy.
  • ToxiCity, when the team holds off a Muk swarm. Bonus points for Ash's Mr. Mime, who has two substitutes destroyed, leaving him at the equivalent of one health, and he continues to fight.


The Incipience

  • The battle between Ho-Oh and Regigigas, along with Registeel, Regice and Regirock. The battle is so intense that it utterly destroys Snowpoint Temple...and much of the surrounding area. Bonus for it being a Heroic Sacrifice for one of the Regigigas.

The Exigence

  • The "Battle of the Ranch" where May and Drew's Pokémon battle against a seemingly endless swarm of bug Pokémon from the forest.
  • Harley's Cacturne trashing an entire pack of pissed off Ursaring. All offending Ursaring are killed.
  • THIS IS THE STRENGTH OF MY PACK!. Cue Alpha beating down the Golem leader.


The Survival

  • Max's Treecko defeated two Beedrill who tried to attack the helpless people from the caravan by himself. He intercepted a third one who first punched repeatedly into the face to later rip off its entire head with his bare hands! After he discarded the body and the head with entrails still hanging, he evolved into Grovyle and sends a victory roar.

The Defervescence

  • Regigigas and the Regi-Trio vs Gengiga. Gengiga is killed, but the region they fought in is completely leveled.
  • Props to Uxie. He effectively got rid of the Big Bad to usurp his position.

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