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Awesome / Point Break (1991)

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  • Kathryn Bigelow proved women could make top notch action films.
    • Not only that, but this is probably one of the most, if not the most, famous woman directed, male driven action film. Years since it’s release, while male directors have opportunities to do both male and female driven action films, female directors aren’t offered the same freedom.
  • The first skydiving scene in general. No CGI or greenscreens, just pure escapist magic and awe from the days when action movies put more focus on stunts than special effects.
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  • The second skydiving scene gets Johnny Utah one of the most outrageous Crowning Moment of Awesome's for a movie character ever. 100% pure adrenaline all right.
  • The foot chase scene. May be the Ur-Example.
  • The bank robbery scene, and the lead-up to it. Not only does it give an effective, simple explanation of how bank robberies work from the robbers' perspective, it then shows it immediately afterward, including the part where it goes wrong—when they spend too long robbing the bank to get even more money, instead of sticking to the 90-seconds in-and-out rule they set for themselves. It also does a fair job of showing why it's a terrible idea for a cop (or anyone) to pull out a gun and try to fight back against the robbers—it just gets people killed and endangers everyone, while causing more damage than there would be from just the robbery.
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  • Sort of an offscreen one, but Johnny managing to successfully track Bodhi's whereabouts after his escape, chasing him through Mexico, South America, and finally Australia.

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