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Awesome / Pocket God

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The Comic

  • In issue 4, Ooga fights a giant barking spider. He swiftly cuts the spider's legs off, leaving it nothing more than a helpless wriggling ball.
  • In issue 16, Teela takes on the laser shark, who has been preying on the pygmies since issue 1. She outmanuvers it, rides on its back, and then removes the laser cannon off its back. The shark hasn't been seen ever since.
  • Issue 19 has the seaweed monster from issue 17 return and the pygmies don't have the laser cannon nearby. They use teamwork and coordination fight it, but it's too strong. When all seems lost Teela, Sun, and Nooby come in at the last moment with the laser cannon in tow. The tables turned, the pygmies get a second wind and defeat the monster once and for all.

The Video Games

  • Taking down a boss monster.

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