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Awesome / Please Don't Tell My Parents I Blew Up the Moon

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  • One of the reasons that Penny's mother is convinced that Penny isn't Bad Penny is because Bad Penny isn't as good a mad scientist as Penny. After all, it's impossible for her to have made all her awesome equipment, so she's clearly just a jealous tech thief. If she was making all that herself, she'd be a better mad scientist than Tesla.
    Walking over to the elevator, I said as if it was an apology, "I caught my parents comparing mad scientists on the way out. How would you guys rate my powers?"
    They knew the terminology, of course. Claire went, "Red Eye's pretty good. She's limited to energy beam themes and projective lens based technology, but she's got one, two... three Tier Threes and about a hundred Tier Twos. Not including her eye. Mech is about the same. It's his ability to integrate devices into his power armor that's impressive."
    We stepped into the elevator. I pushed the button, and it ground its way up. Ray took over. "You've displayed Tier Threes in... four different themes I can think of, all with different tech types, Twos in one, two, three—" He stopped himself, and gave me a surprised look. His eyebrows went up around the edge of the mask. "Okay, wow."
    I hit the button on my chest, forming my light bike right in the doorway as the elevator reached ground level. Hopping on, I shoved the pedal and left my best friends to listen to my triumphant laughter.
    "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
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  • Someone blows up Penny's school computer, leaving behind glowing electrical letters in the air proclaiming "TOP THIS." Penny uses the Machine to build a clockwork device that consumes the energy and keeps time, all in under five minutes, and while pretending her power is much weaker than it is. She even gets a pretty badass potential superhero name out of it: "Penultimate."

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