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  • To begin with, this whole post. Highlights include:
  • Next, there was the tower. The first 19 floors can be found here, and the 20th floor can be found here. Specific examples:
    • Floor 5. Raidou, Kitaro, and Tenshi are stuck fighting a group of constantly-regenerating monsters. Kitaro notices a pentagram on the floor summoning them and wonders how to destroy it. Tenshi, on the other hand? She just pulls out her sword and Sephiroths the damn thing.
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    • Floor 16. Max, Raspberyl, and Rider find themselves fighting shadows. Max's first action is to charge them head on armed with nothing but his sword. And it works.
    • Floor 19. Lyle and Katina find themselves in their mecha fighting, of all things, the Big Zam. And win.
    • The Big Zam's I-Field kept neutralizing their attacks...until Cherudim went Trans-AM and Lyle fired a concentrated sniper rifle/rifle bit shot at the field's generator. Now, keep in mind the I-Field neutralizes beams. It punched through.
    • Floor 20. Exposition, then Aenathia summons Messiah and Izanagi-no-Okami to fight Minato and Souji. The Persona protags kick her ass.
  • Before that was also this, which had Tenshi initially trolling Senior Councilor Ksthellixis. What soon ensued was an epic battle between dragon and celestial, which coincidentally lead to valuable information upon Tenshi's victory that turned Senior Councilor Aenathia into a suspect.
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  • Shizune and her interpreter, a ten-foot-tall, highly muscular oni, get replaced with evil versions. Ran blows the whistle, and Rider pursues them. What results is best described as "Rider vs. Berserker," complete with homages. Plus Chen gets to pull a Big Damn Heroes. Post here.
  • During the final fight with Nyarlathotep/rescue of chaos, Minato managed to fuse Messiah mid-battle, immediately unleashing a massive Morning Star attack.
    • Of course, before that, there was Phoenix Wright dropping a logic bomb and throwing an epic OBJECTION! at Nyarly, giving everyone else a boost to keep fighting. And then piloting chaos' own mech to rescue him in.
      Phoenix: chaos, remind me if you were awake. Did I SERIOUSLY tell off a milleniums-old being of pure darkness?
    • Kyoko helped rally people hit by Nyarly's attack by citing everything that is awesome in the world, including Kitties and Ice Cream.
  • Proving herself as a Badass Normal, Kazumi Hagino fought Children of Entropy member Caranthir during the events of Aethr's destruction... and won singlehandedly with nothing more than a sword and scabbard. Yes, Akemi was there as well, but she was busy fending off the mooks.
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  • The mecha exhibition log provided us with two very awesome matches: 00-Raiser versus Gundam Zabanya, and Puru Two in her Qubeley Mk-II versus Duo in a customized GOUF Ignited.
  • The assault on the Children of Entropy. Found here. Noteworthy moments:
    • Pretty much the entire damn thread involving Celestial Being and chaos. They displayed some fantastic teamwork.
    • Duo sneaks up on a Sadalahn, points a gun at its bridge, and orders — on a public channel — to open fire on the other ships or he'll blow up the bridge. The Children of Entropy, not having much in the way of camaraderie, immediately turn on the ship and open fire — which was exactly what Duo was banking on. That one move brought the number of enemy ships from four down to one.
    • Dr. Robotnik and his ship. The man homaged Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann twice — and the mun has never seen the series!
    • Ky and Frog show off some of the dual techs from the latter's game.
    • Team Kid (Vivio, Nanoha, Kitaro, Marona, and Gohan take on a weretiger (with Charlie Sheen as a PB) and a bunch of regenerating trolls:
      • Kitaro zaps the weretiger when he gets hold of him.
      • Gohan hits one troll with, of all things, a Shining Finger. It gets better when you learn that the mun didn't even realize it until later, despite being a huge Mobile Fighter G Gundam fan.
      • Vivio gets seriously hurt in front of Gohan. Bad idea. Cue SS2 and Masenko rape.
    • Alice gets into an Attack Drone duel with an enemy sorceress, but seems to expend everything early...only for Shanghai to remain out of sight and fire a massive laser. Just what Soma and Ike need to take her down and make her ally retreat.

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