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  • Durance and his 11 companions actually managing to kill a god. An Offscreen Moment of Awesome, but awesome nonetheless.
    • And in one of his endings, he wants to replicate the feat as a Roaring Rampage of Revenge. Your character notes in their journal that Durance is most definitely capable of bringing that idea to fruition.
  • If you bring Pallegina to Teir Evron, she waits until you conclude your negotiations with Hylea, then asks for a minute and goes on to verbally tear the freaking goddess a new one for abandoning "godlike" children like her to their rather miserable existence. Not even Durance in his hatred for Magran dares to go that far, and it definitely takes balls to call out a goddess on her bullshit like that. That, Spoony, is what a paladin is, right there.
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  • Thaos bringing the Guardians of Woedica to life. They're absolutely amazing looking models.
  • In the face of Thaos, an incredibly powerful agent of the gods who had singlehandedly caused the riots of Defiance Bay, none of your companions are fazed, standing up and telling him they're not afraid. Hiravias even mocks him.
  • Saving both people from the burning house in Stalwart. It's a Guide Dang It! trying to figure out what skills you need, and failing over and over again, but it's worth it.
  • The White Forge itself. It's a friggin' dragon skull & adra forge blessed by the god of preservation himself. When you finally reopen it, the soundtrack kicks in allowing you to bask in its glory. And boy, is it glorious. Durgan-reinforced equipment are faster (+Attack Speed for arms, -Armor Penalty for armor), whilst armor is better against crits(15% of all crits are merely hits) and arms are better at scoring crits(20% of all hits are crits, +0.3x Crit Damage Multiplier).
  • The ending of White March Part II, when you strike the crystal in Cayron's Scar, you command the Eyeless towards you, into the cave, with each strike of Abydon's Hammer beckoning more Eyeless and collapsing the cave further. In a brilliant display of Developers' Foresight, the devs thought of every possible way you could survive being buried in a glacial cave and falling into freezing waters. Do you have high constitution score? Do you have a diving helmet from an obscure sidequest? And other ways. If you survive, you get to watch as the Eyeless march straight into the cave to be buried. And then, they talk to you, and ask for your opinion on whether or not they should sacrifice themselves to reform Abydon. You don't just make a suggestion, you debate. You debate with unrelenting, unstoppable divine constructs for the fate of a deity. Truly an awesome end for an epic expansion.
    • Getting it right is a Moment of Awesome for the player themselves if they did it blind!!
    • For more epicness, get the Devil to stay behind and she treats the whole being drowned thing as nothing more than a leisurely stroll.
  • Managing to finally shut Durance up with a single crippling statement: "now I see why you call your goddess a whore. She jilted you and you still pine for her." When he regains his composure, he claims unconvincingly that "what was burned once will never burn again", but the narration before makes it clear the Watcher managed to hit a deep nerve.
    Sweat collects in the sooty creases of his forehead and runs down his ruddy cheeks. It drips from the tip of his nose. His mouth moves, but his utterances make no sound. He is, for once, at a loss.
  • Slaying a dragon. Any of the four dragons (two in vanilla, one per expansion). They are bonus bosses, each one a complicated encounter. Especially the adra dragon. The true Master of Caed Nua and the strongest entity in the vanilla game.


  • Beating Double Fine's record for fastest Kickstarter funded and gaining over 4.4 million dollars.
  • Anyone, anyone, that manages to defeat the Adra Dragon
    • Hell, with a resolve score of 18 you can get it to bitch down.

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