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Awesome / Phantom of the Megaplex

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  • After Mason accidentally holds up a ticket line Shawn tells him he's done (since he can't fire Mason because Mason technically doesn't work at the Megaplex anyway, though he loves to volunteer). Mason leaves, but not before he makes a fine little speech as he goes down the escalator.
    Mason: Enjoy your show! Tell my theater that even when I'm not here, it's magic is never far from my heart!
  • Pete using a fake hockey stick to clean up the gumball mess that Donny made.
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  • Pete's "slaying" of the dinosaur (which of course is not an obvious Shout-Out to the Godzilla and Jurassic Park franchises) balloon with the contest sword from the lobby.
  • Watching Pete fighting with and ultimately defeating the Phantom.
  • Pete finally standing up to Jerk Jock Donny, which will be another time since he's got work to do at the moment.

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