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If you got to do stuff like this all the time, you'd never wanna grow up, either.

The book

  • There's something incredibly triumphant about Peter, alone and too badly wounded to fly or swim, stuck on Marooner's Rock as the tide is coming in, afraid and thinking he is about to die, standing up and declaring "To die will be an awfully big adventure".
  • The entire Night Of Nights is one for Peter and all of his allies.
    • It starts with the natives and the pirates having a battle, where the natives sacrificed their lives trying to protect Peter.
    • Then, even though the pirates captured the kids, don’t think they didn’t put up a fight. The boys had to be tied up in such a position which would stop them from flying.
    • Once Hook has seized a secret from a particular Lost Boy that lets him get into The Home Under The Ground and poison Peter’s medicine? Tinker Bell drinks it, showing her true devotion for Peter.
    • To save the fairy, Peter calls on every child in the world to clap their hands and revove her, they do. You can’t help putting the book down, and clapping yourself!
    • Once Tink’s back and buzzing, Peter sets off to find the Jolly Roger. Swearing ‘Hook or me, this time!’
    • When Peter gets on the ship, the first thing he does is start brutally killing the pirates one-by-one. Once Peter lets the boys start killing too, they go absolutely ham on the pirates, to the point some of them leap off the ship in fear of the kids.
    • The only lost boy not to kill a pirate is Slightly, who instead runs around shining a lamp in their eyes, completely unfazed as the others kill whoever he just blinded, and keeping count.
    • He counts seventeen in the end, and the narrator remarks he might have messed up, maybe there was even more pirates killed.
    • Peter and the boys hijack the Jolly Roger, and fly off to London, where and Wendy and her brothers go back home, and the boys get adopted. Peter is captain of the ship now, of course.

Disney's Peter Pan

  • The opening shot of Neverland.
  • Mr. Smee may be silly, but he's also got Undying Loyalty and Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass moments:
    • The entire crew threatens him because of Hook's obsession with Peter Pan keeping them moored in Neverland. Smee dodges all the knives and sticks out his tongue at them. He agrees with them, mind; while attempting to shave the captain, Smee tries to gently coax Hook into setting sail and leaving the island.
    • He shoos away the crocodile, with some Politeness Judo.
    • Manages to out-row said crocodile later on, albeit negated by Hook falling out of the boat and having to swim for his life.
    • Captures Tinker Bell in an ambush to bring her to Hook.
    • In the final battle, he's the only one with sense to abandon ship, because Peter Pan is in Let's Get Dangerous! mode. This also means he accidentally rescues all of the crew when Peter and the Lost Boys send them flying.
  • Peter's duel with Hook at Skull Rock and subsequent rescue of Tiger Lily.
  • Tiger Lily, who must be no older than Wendy, goes to her death-by-drowning with a cold, aloof expression all the while. Defiant to the End, indeed. (Of course, Peter rescues her, but she wasn't aware he was anywhere near her until the water was nearly over her head.) Worth noting that Tiger Lily’s tribe considers this a Fate Worse than Death, because they believe that “there is no path through water to the Happy Hunting Ground.”
  • Wendy deciding to go home, and calling out Peter for abandoning her to collect firewood while he danced with Tiger Lily. And still waiting for her brothers because she's not leaving them.
  • Wendy, a girl no older than 12, being forced to Walk the Plank... and she does it with complete composure and dignity and only a Single Tear, without knowing Peter was there below to save her. That takes guts.
  • The confrontation with Hook that follows after Peter rescues Wendy really sets the stage for the climax of the film.
    Hook: So you want a splash, Mr Starkey? I'LL GIVE YOU A SPLASH!! (flings him right into the ocean) Who's next?
    Peter Pan: You're next, Hook! This time you've gone too far!
  • Hook accidentally walks the plank and nearly falls into the crocodile's mouth. Then he defies physics by making jump in mid-air back onto the plank. The crocodile's disappointed expression sells it.
  • Michael, the baby in the pink footie pajamas, sticks a cannonball in his teddy bear, lugs it all the way up the ship's mast, and uses it to knock out an oncoming, sword-wielding pirate. This earns him the moniker "Bear Killer" among the Lost Boys.
  • John also goes into Let's Get Dangerous! mode; he takes charge of the Lost Boys to commandeer the crow's nest, pulls Michael to safety when the latter's leg gets snagged in the climbing net, and manages to hold off the pirates from taking his friends hostage long enough for Peter to even the odds.
  • Tinker Bell shows her making amends for her actions by trying to fight the pirate swinging his sword at John's head, and then telling Peter that the pirates are nearly overwhelming the boys, allowing Peter to cut the nets and save everyone.
  • Peter and Hook both get one in their final duel. Hook, for his part, successfully dares Peter to fight him without using his powers as a handicap, and quickly proves just how dangerous he is now that they're on equal footing. Peter, meanwhile, not only agrees to the challenge, but gets points for keeping to his word even when Hook has him on the ropes:
    Hook: (Readying his sword for the killing blow) Now, insolent youth...Prepare to DIE!
    Wendy: (Desperate) Fly, Peter! Fly!
    Peter Pan: (Firmly) No! I gave my word.
    • And then Peter uses his surroundings to quickly turn the tables on Hook. All without taking flight once!
    • And unlike Hook, Peter doesn't loophole his way around his promise. He's not going to fly. Period.
  • The pirate ship is covered in fairy dust and soars into the sky to return the Darlings to London, against an orchestral variation of 'You Can Fly'.

2003 live-action film

  • This one mixes it with a little bit of a Tear Jerker:
    Wendy: (while Peter has a sword at her throat after beating her in a duel) Sir, you are both ungallant and deficient.
    Peter: How am I deficient?
    Wendy: (dismissively) You're just a boy.
  • The climax has one of those totally cliché moments that tend to make viewers tear up with the sheer awesome.
  • I do believe in fairies! I do! I do!
    • Crosses over into a Funny Moment when a very puzzled George Darling says it. In the middle of a bank meeting, no less.
  • "Pan, you're.... pink?! "
  • After Tiger Lily's Motivational Kiss, John promptly marches over to the wheel that opens the dungeon gate of the black castle and opens the damn thing all by himself.
  • Just when Hook is about to kill Peter, a deep ticking noise cuts through the silence. Hook takes one guess as to what this means for him.
    Hook: (quietly) Oh, no.
  • When Hook is about to stab Peter, Wendy breaks free of the pirate holding her and grabs his arm to stop him.
    • Later, when Hook is threatening to cut her throat, though terrified, she still won't breathe a word about how to fly apart from "happy thoughts."
    Hook: Alas, I have no happy thoughts.
  • Four words: "Old! Alone! Done for!"
  • Not to forget, the Awesome Music.