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Awesome / Persona Vein

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  • The return of the Phantom Thieves is nice to see such as their Ultimate Personas by easily killing the monsters in the first chapter.
  • Ch. 5 featuring cognitive cameos of crossover characters such as Goku, Sailor Moon, Jotaro Kujo, Harry Potter, and Freeza. Both sides of good and evil duke it out within the distorted battleground.
  • At the end of Ch. 5 before the final battle showed Hifumi brought back to life and become the goddess, Sophia. She then granted the Phantom Thieves and Akechi a power-up by fusing their Personas to become a new state called Persona's Ascendancy.
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  • The final battle against Saklas is non-stop barrage. Some examples are the Phantom Thieves delivered an Ω All-Out Attack with background pictures featured planets of the Solar System. The final round featured Sophia, Sion, and Satanael ΩX as the trio delivered blows to their opponent, before Satanael ΩX summoned Arsene of all people for the finishing blow.

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